July 27, 2012

Magic Maggie

Magnetic (Maggie) Island has to be one of my favourite locations in Australia. Its located about 30 mins by ferry from Townsville and is filled with lush rainforest and the most amazing beaches. We stayed two nights at Horseshoe Bay and even in that short time I could see why people wouldn't want to leave this magical place.
The people are so friendly and laid back. They serve the best lattes you have ever tasted. I mean it if your in Australia you need to get your butt to Magnetic just to have a latte and then you will see what I mean. 
As you can see from the pictures the sunsets are amazing. People seem to drop what their doing and pick a spot on the sand to watch the sun slowly set. Filling the sky with amazing colours and slowly changing as it goes down. Each picture that I took was more colourful then the last that I ended up taking so many that it was hard to choose which ones to put up to try and get across the beauty. Seeing it in person was breath taking. I am so glad we decided to take a couple days to explore this Island as it was well worth it. If I ever make another trip to Australia this will be at the top of the list to re-visit.

July 23, 2012

Found our place in Townsville

 It took us two days of travelling up from Rainbow Bay to Townsville. Taking our time, enjoying each others company, lattes and listening to horrible radio music. There seems to be a lack of choice in the radio station department here in Australia. We finally made it though. To the sunny, hot weather that everyone was promising us when we started telling everyone we were heading to Oz.
Townsville is the perfect size of city. Not too big that you get lost instantly trying to find something, and not too small that you can't find anything entertaining to do to keep yourself busy. The best feature of this beautiful little place would be the beach.
There is nothing better to me then laying out on the sand enjoying the wonderful heat of the sun and getting entirely lost in a great book.Whats even better is the beau loves to do the exact same thing. So when people on Facebook were asking us what we've been up to the last couple days it was simple. We lounged at the beach, occasionally getting up to  dip into the ocean to cool down but eventually settling back into our little claimed section of the beach.
Did we get bored, no sir we both love the ocean, sand and the sun. Each place that we have seen, every direction we have decided to take held the promise of a beautiful sandy escape that we can hide away at. Well not really hide, theres always people around but it didn't matter to us we are always in our own little world.

This would be the result of me begging him to put sunblock on.

Sunset stroll along the beach

July 18, 2012

Beach Bum

Now that the fabulous wine tour is out of the way we can now concentrate on something we have really been looking forward to, perfecting our beach bum status. Jason has the hair style down to a fine art while my freckles are actually starting to take over. Theres no controlling them. No matter how much sunblock I seem to put on they just keep coming. Now don't get me wrong, I love them. My main concern is that my face just becomes one big freckle as they all start to join together. Our main mission on this trip is to visit and lay in the sand on as many beaches as we can.
Our first stop is to Rainbow Bay where we have been told you can catch some fantastic waves, which I won't be doing but Jason has been dying to get out test out the surf.
I happily spent the entire day laying on the sand soaking up as much sun as my skin could handle. Of course I applied sunblock every hour or so as I am a bit obsessive about anti-aging but that just comes with the career I think. Its been a fabulous couple of days spent on the beach and its super quiet as it is suppose to be there winter so we pretty much have the place to ourselves. A private beach and we don't even have to pay for it. Now thats what I call budgeting.

July 12, 2012

Hunter Valley Wine Region

Now for all of you who know me, you know I love my wine. I have been known for my wine Wednesdays Wine Thursdays and pretty much any other day that feels like a great day to have a glass of wine relaxing on a patio. So when I found out that you could go on a tour through the Hunter Valley Wine Region which is the well known wine region of Australia I though I had died and gone to wine heaven. To make things even better I found a package deal where you could go around in a horse drawn carriage all day exploring the lovely countryside and drink wine. What gets better than that.
Hunter Valley is located about an hour and a half drive from Sydney. It has probably over 50 wineries all in this one area and it is breathtakingly beautiful to see.
We were joined by two other couples on the tour and so we were able to find out some great information about other places for us to visit. At first of course when you first meet people everyone is pretty quiet but as the wine started flowing so did the conversations. The rosy cheeks start to appear and the silly grins. Now I feel like I was a bit of an amateur compared to the rest because I seemed to become tipsy or at least how the effects way before anyone else. Luckily my Canadian charm proved enough to make everyone think I was wonderful.
The wine was fantastic and I found myself being a wine lover rather than a red but my favourite was the dessert wines. Had we had more space to keep stuff I probably would have been walking out with at least 4 bottles from each place. But lucky for me I had the beau there to keep my feet firmly on the ground and remind me that we had plenty of time to come back and explore this wonderful haven.
Now because there was so much wine drinking going on I kind of forgot to take pictures other than a few that were taken at the end of the day. But have no fear I will be returning and I promise to remember to take pictures next time.

July 4, 2012


After 22 hours of flying and two stop overs, yes thats right two stop overs we have finally made it to Sydney Australia and does it ever feel good.
Luckily we have all ready booked our hostel for the time we are hear so we are greeted by a nice man that will drive us there which lets us relax and actually think about the fact that after months of saving we are finally where we want to be.
Sydney is a huge city often being compared to New York. I can't compare the two as I have never been to NY although it is on my bucket list for sure.
We spent a total of 5 days here mostly walking around by ourselves exploring all the city has to offer. We went on a free walking tour, something I would highly suggest if you are ever here. The guides are extremely friendly and knowledgable and only expect you to tip them what you wish.
After learning a little history about the place you come to appreciate all the old buildings and historic sights.
Although I fell a little more in love with this city each day we are excited to explore the rest of the Country so we have purchased a campervan and will be driving ourselves around to explore the rest.
Here are some pictures of lovely Sydney although I did not have the best camera so they really don't do justice.

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