July 18, 2012

Beach Bum

Now that the fabulous wine tour is out of the way we can now concentrate on something we have really been looking forward to, perfecting our beach bum status. Jason has the hair style down to a fine art while my freckles are actually starting to take over. Theres no controlling them. No matter how much sunblock I seem to put on they just keep coming. Now don't get me wrong, I love them. My main concern is that my face just becomes one big freckle as they all start to join together. Our main mission on this trip is to visit and lay in the sand on as many beaches as we can.
Our first stop is to Rainbow Bay where we have been told you can catch some fantastic waves, which I won't be doing but Jason has been dying to get out test out the surf.
I happily spent the entire day laying on the sand soaking up as much sun as my skin could handle. Of course I applied sunblock every hour or so as I am a bit obsessive about anti-aging but that just comes with the career I think. Its been a fabulous couple of days spent on the beach and its super quiet as it is suppose to be there winter so we pretty much have the place to ourselves. A private beach and we don't even have to pay for it. Now thats what I call budgeting.


  1. You should really try surfing just so you can say you did and plus you're in Australia!!!!

    1. I think I will try surfing but the water is a bit cool for me at the moment


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