July 23, 2012

Found our place in Townsville

 It took us two days of travelling up from Rainbow Bay to Townsville. Taking our time, enjoying each others company, lattes and listening to horrible radio music. There seems to be a lack of choice in the radio station department here in Australia. We finally made it though. To the sunny, hot weather that everyone was promising us when we started telling everyone we were heading to Oz.
Townsville is the perfect size of city. Not too big that you get lost instantly trying to find something, and not too small that you can't find anything entertaining to do to keep yourself busy. The best feature of this beautiful little place would be the beach.
There is nothing better to me then laying out on the sand enjoying the wonderful heat of the sun and getting entirely lost in a great book.Whats even better is the beau loves to do the exact same thing. So when people on Facebook were asking us what we've been up to the last couple days it was simple. We lounged at the beach, occasionally getting up to  dip into the ocean to cool down but eventually settling back into our little claimed section of the beach.
Did we get bored, no sir we both love the ocean, sand and the sun. Each place that we have seen, every direction we have decided to take held the promise of a beautiful sandy escape that we can hide away at. Well not really hide, theres always people around but it didn't matter to us we are always in our own little world.

This would be the result of me begging him to put sunblock on.

Sunset stroll along the beach


  1. JJ looks good with the sunblock painting ha ha!

    Don't forget to preview your posts to check everything is right, your one photo is now too wide... I know, I know, I'm the one that told you to make the photos bigger...

    Also, your previous post just shows as a bunch of code, so not sure what you were trying to do there?

  2. love readingyour blog.... write more


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