July 12, 2012

Hunter Valley Wine Region

Now for all of you who know me, you know I love my wine. I have been known for my wine Wednesdays Wine Thursdays and pretty much any other day that feels like a great day to have a glass of wine relaxing on a patio. So when I found out that you could go on a tour through the Hunter Valley Wine Region which is the well known wine region of Australia I though I had died and gone to wine heaven. To make things even better I found a package deal where you could go around in a horse drawn carriage all day exploring the lovely countryside and drink wine. What gets better than that.
Hunter Valley is located about an hour and a half drive from Sydney. It has probably over 50 wineries all in this one area and it is breathtakingly beautiful to see.
We were joined by two other couples on the tour and so we were able to find out some great information about other places for us to visit. At first of course when you first meet people everyone is pretty quiet but as the wine started flowing so did the conversations. The rosy cheeks start to appear and the silly grins. Now I feel like I was a bit of an amateur compared to the rest because I seemed to become tipsy or at least how the effects way before anyone else. Luckily my Canadian charm proved enough to make everyone think I was wonderful.
The wine was fantastic and I found myself being a wine lover rather than a red but my favourite was the dessert wines. Had we had more space to keep stuff I probably would have been walking out with at least 4 bottles from each place. But lucky for me I had the beau there to keep my feet firmly on the ground and remind me that we had plenty of time to come back and explore this wonderful haven.
Now because there was so much wine drinking going on I kind of forgot to take pictures other than a few that were taken at the end of the day. But have no fear I will be returning and I promise to remember to take pictures next time.

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