July 4, 2012


After 22 hours of flying and two stop overs, yes thats right two stop overs we have finally made it to Sydney Australia and does it ever feel good.
Luckily we have all ready booked our hostel for the time we are hear so we are greeted by a nice man that will drive us there which lets us relax and actually think about the fact that after months of saving we are finally where we want to be.
Sydney is a huge city often being compared to New York. I can't compare the two as I have never been to NY although it is on my bucket list for sure.
We spent a total of 5 days here mostly walking around by ourselves exploring all the city has to offer. We went on a free walking tour, something I would highly suggest if you are ever here. The guides are extremely friendly and knowledgable and only expect you to tip them what you wish.
After learning a little history about the place you come to appreciate all the old buildings and historic sights.
Although I fell a little more in love with this city each day we are excited to explore the rest of the Country so we have purchased a campervan and will be driving ourselves around to explore the rest.
Here are some pictures of lovely Sydney although I did not have the best camera so they really don't do justice.

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  1. Very pretty, but make your photos bigger!


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