August 27, 2012

100 Things

After reading the post 100 Things over on Sofia's Journal I thought this was a fantastic Idea. Sometimes in life you get so dragged down by stress, money, work, relationships ect that you forget about the little things in life that can be so amazing but so simple. I know I am really bad at focusing on the negative when life just isn't going my way. So I have decided to participate in this challenge and say the 100 things that make me happy.
I will be posting ten every Monday so stay tuned. I encourage everyone to take up the challenge and make your own list.

A perfectly made latte





Red Hair

Fish and Chips

 A fantastic book
Bridesmaids the movie

Company Magazine

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August 24, 2012

Big Crystal Creek Adventures

After the long and some what disappointing trip up around the Cairns area we really wanted to find a peaceful relaxing place that we could enjoy all by ourselves. Someone along the way had recommended that we go to Big Crystal Creek National Park and camp there for a couple of days.
I wasn't really sure what to expect and was hoping for the best in the way of clean bathrooms and a running shower but was pleasantly surprised when we arrived.

Tucked away is a secret paradise that few people seem to know about. Our campsite was under all the beautiful trees and only a five minute walk to this natural swimming pool in the creek bed. I relaxed, sunning myself on the rocks next to the pool while Jason perfected his dive. The water was so clear that you could see the fish swim by and later we discovered a family of turtles that were living under the rocks.
While walking around the area we also discovered these secluded natural rock slides and a little waterfall. Always up for a challenge Jason was game to try out the rock slide. For me the water is a bit to cold, it being winter over here and everything but I would love to come back up here in the summer and go camping and try the slides out.

It was a beautiful natural wonder that we stumbled upon and I'm so glad we decided to stay here for a couple days. Sometimes theres nothing better then leaving all your technology behind and just taking a few days to enjoy the simple things in life.

August 21, 2012

Just one of those days

I remember the day I found this book as I wandered around my local Chapters. I was feeling lost and not like myself and had decided to go to the bookstore and Starbucks to cheer myself up.
For me it was exactly what I was looking for. I was restless and oh so undecided about what direction I wanted my life to be going in. I missed Europe and it had all ready been almost a year since I had left and returned to Canada.
I felt a kinship with the main character in this book. I had decided that I didn't want the white picket fence kind of life because there was so much of the world I wanted to see. I related to her as everyone around me was moving on with their lives. Having kids, getting engaged, moving forward while I felt stuck.
When the movie came out I loved every minute of it. I felt like Julia Roberts totally pulled off the character and everything she stood for. Many of you may disagree but every time I am feeling down or undecided about life I watch this movie or pick the book up again and it instantly puts me at ease and makes me realize that its totally ok that I have no idea what I want to do or where I will be at in five years. Not knowing is part of the adventure and you should relax and enjoy the ride.
While I am really enjoying my time here in Australia and am trying to make the most of this fantastic opportunity I still have those days, the ones that make me doubt myself and second guess the direction i've chosen. But then I take a break. I allow myself the uncertainty that I'm sure everyone has felt at one time or another but this story always lifts me back up every single time.
Does anyone else have a favourite book or movie that they love to watch when they feel this way?

August 15, 2012

Coffee Coffee Coffee

Were off on another road trip heading further up north following the wonderful warm weather. People have told us that Cairns is a must see on our trip but honestly neither one of us saw what the big deal was. It was a city much like any other, nothing special. Their was no wonderful beach to walk along and the worst part was the swimming lagoon was closed for maintenance so we couldn't even go there.
Further past the city there is a ton of decent beaches to choose from but all the warnings about strong tides and crocodiles in the area it makes you think twice about laying down on the sand.
Feeling a little disappointed with this day we looked in the guide book to see if there was anywhere we could go near by so that the drive wasn't a total waste. What did I discover, thats right Coffee World.

Coffee World is a magical place where you can go and taste 21 delicious coffees as well as 4 rare teas and gourmet chocolate. I was in heaven walking around this place. I could have spent all day at the coffee station but there was also a boutique style gift shop to wander around and a magical garden to sit and have a picnic in if you so desired.

This was a fantastic way to spend the day and I'm so glad we found this place.

August 13, 2012

Sun, sand and a great book

We have been in the Townsville area for two weeks now. Apart from our trip over to Magnetic Island we have stayed in the area and become very comfortable with our little daily routine.
We wake up in our little camper van and Jason makes me breakfast (I love how much he takes care of me). Then we go to our lovely expresso coffee house and grab a latte each. I really cannot function or start my day until I have a latte. It is an addiction of mine, I totally admit it but one a day is not so bad I like to think and it makes me happy. After we have sat in the coffee shop for awhile and relax we then head down to the beach.
The strand in Townsville is amazing. Although the sand is not the shiny white soft sand you find in most other places around Australia its my favourite beach. Maybe its because of the atmosphere surrounding this place, or maybe its just because I get this sense of contentment that I have rarely felt in most places that I have lived. It immediately puts me in a place of tranquility and I am happy to spend my days lying on the beach reading one of many books I have on hand and watching Jason playing around in the water.
The great thing about our trip is that we have no timeline. No schedule. We have left it up to chance where we go and what we see. Its the kind of trip I love and I think you experience the most amazing things when you live this way.
What type of trip do you love to take?

 Jason seems to love taking unflattering pictures of me

August 9, 2012

Remember the petting zoo

It took forever to catch him with his tongue sticking out.

Smile for the camera.

 Here is my worst nightmare. luckily it was safely inclosed.
these guys were pretty friendly and loved being feed bread.

Do you remember how excited you got when your parents told you were going to the petting zoo. Well I sure do. I could have spent all day in amongst all those animals forever content to play with all of them. Thats how I felt at the koala sanctuary. They have a lot of different animals that call it home and its wonderful that you get to walk around and interact with all of them. I was that over eager child in the front row, the one to shoot their hand up in the air first to hold whatever the guide had in her hands. Of course some like the spider I wanted to stay really far away from and had to get Jason to go and take the picture for me.

August 5, 2012

Koala Sanctuary

While we were on Magnetic Island we had found this wonderful little Koala sanctuary. Our room consisted of a little A frame bungalow that was situated right in the middle of the sanctuary. Waking up to the sound of birds chirping was so relaxing and stepping outside where wallabies were bouncing around was really amazing. It was a magical forested retreat with all kinds of different animals that called this place home. We were able to go on a guided tour through the place and get the chance to meet and hold all the different animals. My favourite was the koala of course.
Who wouldn't love this fluffy little guy. They are so cuddly and smell so good. This guys name is Noah. Did you know that Queensland is the only State in Australia where it is legal to hold a koala.
Now this beauty is a python. I have always been fascinated with snakes ever since I was little. To my moms horror I wanted to hold this huge python one day at a market when I was younger and my mom and dad had to be in the picture but I was so happy just smiling away.
Here is a seven year old salt crocodile. She was so relaxed when we all held her I was shocked she didn't try and squirm away. The longest living crocodile in captivity was said to be 180 years old. Before this tour I had no idea that they lived that long.
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