August 15, 2012

Coffee Coffee Coffee

Were off on another road trip heading further up north following the wonderful warm weather. People have told us that Cairns is a must see on our trip but honestly neither one of us saw what the big deal was. It was a city much like any other, nothing special. Their was no wonderful beach to walk along and the worst part was the swimming lagoon was closed for maintenance so we couldn't even go there.
Further past the city there is a ton of decent beaches to choose from but all the warnings about strong tides and crocodiles in the area it makes you think twice about laying down on the sand.
Feeling a little disappointed with this day we looked in the guide book to see if there was anywhere we could go near by so that the drive wasn't a total waste. What did I discover, thats right Coffee World.

Coffee World is a magical place where you can go and taste 21 delicious coffees as well as 4 rare teas and gourmet chocolate. I was in heaven walking around this place. I could have spent all day at the coffee station but there was also a boutique style gift shop to wander around and a magical garden to sit and have a picnic in if you so desired.

This was a fantastic way to spend the day and I'm so glad we found this place.

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  1. Wow does JJ ever have some amazing surfer bum hair going, I love it! I think it's hilarious you found a "Coffee World".


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