August 5, 2012

Koala Sanctuary

While we were on Magnetic Island we had found this wonderful little Koala sanctuary. Our room consisted of a little A frame bungalow that was situated right in the middle of the sanctuary. Waking up to the sound of birds chirping was so relaxing and stepping outside where wallabies were bouncing around was really amazing. It was a magical forested retreat with all kinds of different animals that called this place home. We were able to go on a guided tour through the place and get the chance to meet and hold all the different animals. My favourite was the koala of course.
Who wouldn't love this fluffy little guy. They are so cuddly and smell so good. This guys name is Noah. Did you know that Queensland is the only State in Australia where it is legal to hold a koala.
Now this beauty is a python. I have always been fascinated with snakes ever since I was little. To my moms horror I wanted to hold this huge python one day at a market when I was younger and my mom and dad had to be in the picture but I was so happy just smiling away.
Here is a seven year old salt crocodile. She was so relaxed when we all held her I was shocked she didn't try and squirm away. The longest living crocodile in captivity was said to be 180 years old. Before this tour I had no idea that they lived that long.


  1. so Kayleigh... I have heard many times that you haven't been hugged till you huge a Koala...
    is that true?

    1. Yes. Getting hugged by a Koala is fantastic. They are so fluffy and soft.

  2. Ha ha I saw your koala photo on my blog roll and I was like "Oh my god!" So cool you got to hold a koala and a crocodile, I'm even intrigued about holding the giant snake....

    It's funny to see you kind of "roughing it" because we both know you're not like that back here..... (I meant that in a nice sister, giggly kind of way so don't get in a strop).

    Miss you


  3. Dammit, I want to sleep in a koala sanctuary, except what about the spiders? You haven't mentioned anything about the spiders.....


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