August 9, 2012

Remember the petting zoo

It took forever to catch him with his tongue sticking out.

Smile for the camera.

 Here is my worst nightmare. luckily it was safely inclosed.
these guys were pretty friendly and loved being feed bread.

Do you remember how excited you got when your parents told you were going to the petting zoo. Well I sure do. I could have spent all day in amongst all those animals forever content to play with all of them. Thats how I felt at the koala sanctuary. They have a lot of different animals that call it home and its wonderful that you get to walk around and interact with all of them. I was that over eager child in the front row, the one to shoot their hand up in the air first to hold whatever the guide had in her hands. Of course some like the spider I wanted to stay really far away from and had to get Jason to go and take the picture for me.


  1. Ha ha, I can totally see you sending JJ up to take that spider photo....
    All those critters look so darn cute, I the lizard with the tongue out, definitely worth the wait! How many photos did it take? I can see the two of you waiting and trying to get it and doing it again.....

  2. It took at least twenty pictures before we had a good one with his tongue out. He was so darn fast.

  3. I think taking pictures of and with animals requires so much patience! You guys got such great results. You've got me all nostalgic about my trips to see my dolphin friends in Fiji! xoxox


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