August 13, 2012

Sun, sand and a great book

We have been in the Townsville area for two weeks now. Apart from our trip over to Magnetic Island we have stayed in the area and become very comfortable with our little daily routine.
We wake up in our little camper van and Jason makes me breakfast (I love how much he takes care of me). Then we go to our lovely expresso coffee house and grab a latte each. I really cannot function or start my day until I have a latte. It is an addiction of mine, I totally admit it but one a day is not so bad I like to think and it makes me happy. After we have sat in the coffee shop for awhile and relax we then head down to the beach.
The strand in Townsville is amazing. Although the sand is not the shiny white soft sand you find in most other places around Australia its my favourite beach. Maybe its because of the atmosphere surrounding this place, or maybe its just because I get this sense of contentment that I have rarely felt in most places that I have lived. It immediately puts me in a place of tranquility and I am happy to spend my days lying on the beach reading one of many books I have on hand and watching Jason playing around in the water.
The great thing about our trip is that we have no timeline. No schedule. We have left it up to chance where we go and what we see. Its the kind of trip I love and I think you experience the most amazing things when you live this way.
What type of trip do you love to take?

 Jason seems to love taking unflattering pictures of me

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  1. I'm learning to appreciate travelling with less planning...I've travelled a lot of on my own and my husband is the first person I've ever travelled with. Because I was on my own so often I liked having things figured out, now I'm enjoying just waking up and discovering what the day and the place has in store for you. Your days sound perfect!


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