September 16, 2012

100 Things Part 4

Happy Monday everyone. I realize most of you probably dislike Monday but as its part of my weekend I really enjoy it. Continuing on with my 100 Things series here is part 4. I can't believe how fast this series is being completed I will be sad when its over.

The feeling after completing a goal

Making new friends

Outdoor markets

Random acts of kindness

Harry Potter marathons

Cozy rainy days

Receiving letters in the mail

Relaxing bath with candles and wine

Spending a Sunday with Jason sipping coffee and reading

Planning my next adventure

All pictures are from

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend


  1. Oh my goodness, I am literally with you on every one of these, especially Harry Potter marathons and beautiful outdoor markets! x

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  3. HP marathon all the way! So have you found some outdoor markets near you there?


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