September 5, 2012

Animal Sanctuary

One of my favourite things about Australia is all the amazing animals that call this place home. The wildlife is so incredible different that every time I see an animal wonder by I'm snapping pictures like a mad women.
Anytime that we have driven by a sign that points towards an animal sanctuary I'm jumping up and down in my seat squealing with such excitement that Jason almost swerves off the road thinking that he's about to hit something. I instantly transform back into a child at the idea of getting to spend the day wandering around petting all the furry creatures.
The BillaBong Sanctuary is home to all sorts of critters including the flying squirrel, salt water crocodiles, snakes, kangaroos and of course koalas. We spent two full days here feeding ducks, turtles and kangaroos who are so friendly you could pretty much walk right up and hug them. It was an amazing experience and well worth all the money we spent on the bags of feed so that we could make sure each and every kangaroo would get fed.


  1. That croc looks particularly mean and angry! Koalas have got to be my favorite :)

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  3. AHHHH How awesome that yuo get to be so close to all of those amazing animals!!! What a cool opportunity!!

  4. That's amazing! I'd love to see an animal sanctuary someday.

    Lovely blog, by the way :-)

    xx Camille @ WILDFLEUR

  5. LMAO! I can totally picture you squealing and JJ trying to stay on the road.... ha ha....


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