September 11, 2012

Attack of the crazy magpie

This is not the original post I had planned for today but this must be said.

So yesterday morning I was happily off in my own little world as I made my way to work when out of no where something slams into the side of my head. At first so surprised as to what just happened I don't really understand that it was a bird until I see this massive shadow coming at me just as I have the sense to duck as it seems to be getting stupidly close. Still shocked and thinking this must be some sort of dream I'm still standing there trying to comprehend the crazy look this bird is giving me from its perch up on the power lines until this random guy walks by and says you might want to duck he's coming around again.
Yup thats right people. Apparently for a few months of Spring every year here in Australia, magpies get stupidly protective and aggressive and will attack just about anyone that comes to close to them.
My roommate actually told me the story of when it happened to her while she was riding her bike and has said it was the scariest situation that she has been in.
I have to agree as I didn't really know how to react when it was happening and was then so paranoid for the rest of my walk that I literally flinched every time I heard a bird noise.

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People that ride their pedal bikes to work have been known to put spikes on their helmets to prevent the birds from being able to land on them. Others walking to work seem to resort to holding their purses or briefcase over their heads for protection when they see the birds looming close.
I'm still really shocked that this is such a normal thing over here and I was actually pretty scared to leave my house but my need for coffee one out. I have actually began carrying my umbrella with me and using it as my shield hoping that if they see this big black thing they will generally ignore me, heres hoping.
Now maybe this is one everyone must go through in order to be initiated into Australian society but I'm wondering if there is a less brutal and humiliating way to go about it.

Would love to hear about any similar stories you might have.


  1. Ha... ! Nesting time over there? Well deff don't wear anything shiny, they're crazy attracted to shiny objects

  2. Oh wow!! This is a crazy story!! Your blog is too cute!! Now following!

  3. Oh my goodness, this made me laugh so hard....
    When did you get a job? What are you doing? I need to go on FB again I guess.

    I chopped my hair again and got big thick fringe! A lady at work today told me I looked like a French model... lol.

  4. Kayleigh I get that this was extremely scary for you... I like your umbrella idea.... they are just protecting their nest...but man that is just toooooo much...

  5. I haven't had a magpie experience yet (touch wood) but it is scary. I'm the same, I always have something, usually a handbag to defend myself!


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