September 22, 2012

Rainy Days

Considering that when we arrived in Australia it was winter the weather has been fantastic. Sure to those who live here its chilly and they are forced to wear a sweater or a scarf perhaps gasp. But for the beau and I its been delightful thinking about the fact that the best weather has yet to come. Having said that since it is suppose to be winter we were bound to run across a few not so sunny days.
We had a couple of rainy days while in the Townsville area and when you call a little camper home it gets a bit claustrophobic when you spend the entire day in said camper so we decided to fill our day with some cozy activities.
Firstly we found a fantastic boutique style espresso shop that made the best latte. Im not kidding folks I had four. Thats right four in one day. We spent the day lounging on there cozy sofa and reading our books while we ordered latte's all day. Can you say caffeine high.

After a good solid five hours we decided it might be time to pack up and find something else to do. I'm sure the barista was getting sick of us being there all morning. So we decided that seeing a movie would be the perfect thing on a rainy afternoon. We ended up seeing Snow White and the Huntsman. Top notch movie if I do say so myself.

It was a perfect day. What do you like to do on those rainy days?

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  1. Ahhh I miss going to Starbucks with you! I haven't found anyone to do that with me yet... but, I do still go on my own. I can imagine you bouncing off the walls in that little camper after four latte's!
    kind of reminds me of the day I drank a pitcher of iced coffee latte's from starbucks.. you know the kind you make at home..I got so much gardening done after that. I was like the energizer bunny!


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