October 8, 2012

100 Things Part 7

Well its Monday once again. The weeks always go by way to fast for my liking, never enough time to do all the things I would like to. But that is why I am doing this series in the first place. To remind myself that its the little things in life that make everything worth while.
Heres the next ten on my list.

The Northern lights

My mothers baking

Really big scarves

Bright green nails

Finding the perfect dress


Italian cooking

Romantic evenings

Pumpkin spice anything especially lattes 

Being loved

All images are from weheartit.com

1 comment :

  1. Id love to have someone to bake for!!!
    and Pumpkin spice is a favorite of mine too...
    I can't seem to get enought of them at the moment..


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