October 4, 2012

Animal Love

As everyone knows I am a serious fan of anything soft and cuddly. So it comes as no surprise that I happily paid not once put twice to get my picture taken with a Koala. The beau was fascinated by the Wombat so we got our picture taken with that heavy cutie. Did you know that Wombats actually love human contact. While we visited the Billabong Sanctuary they told us that after all the flooding last year  they were so busy fixing and rebuilding everything that they didn't have much time to spend with the animals and the Wombat actually started to lose weight because he was so depressed that nobody was playing with him. Now isn't that just the funniest thing.
Jason suggested with sneak him out but I pointed out he was extremely heavy and would be hard to fit in my purse. Here are some more fantastic animal pictures I have taken throughout our trip.

This one fell asleep while we were taking the picture

He didn't want to let go and neither did I


  1. Wow what a cutie. Koalas are gorgeous!

  2. Aww, I didn't know that about wombats! It just really reiterates the importance of contact. Having an animal in your arms is just so soothing. I need to get a puppy!


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