October 26, 2012

Date Night

Date night is usually a weekly thing for the beau and I. I love date night. Even if we are just ordering in and renting a movie I look forward to it. Nothing better then quality time with my man.
Last week was an extra special date night as we were celebrating out 2nd anniversary. This past year we have both gone through a lot of change especially with the move to Australia. I think this has made our relationship so much stronger and has made us both realize how lucky we are that we found each other. We discovered how easy it was to travel together even if we had no idea where we were going, we just drove and enjoyed each others company. We found that even if we didn't want to see or do the same things we would always meet in the middle so that both of us could experience what we wanted while we travelled Australia.
I discovered that having him was enough. I had left my job, my friends and family and moved across the world on a whim but having him right there by myself promising to be there for me through the good and the bad was all that I needed.
Two years is a short time but it has been the most exciting two years of my life and I am so excited to keep moving forward with this fantastic man and see what else life has to offer us.

Looking good all dressed up

The setting was perfect

The view from our table along the Brisbane river

 Seared scallops to start

Beetroot risotto was perfect


  1. The food sounds wonderful... the view is amazing....Does my heart good to hear you are so happily in love...
    work hard at always being everything you can to each other...

  2. Ohh where did you guys go? That view from that point looks so familiar :) Congratulations on two years to you both, that's such a great achievement and whilst traveling together too! My husband is really the only man I ever traveled with. I like traveling on my own, but now I absolutely love traveling with him :)

    1. We went to a new restaurant called Aqualine or something along that line. It was at the beginning of South Bank which is a beautiful area. It was an amazing night.


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