October 7, 2012

Glass House Mountains

The time has come for us to finally make our way back to Brisbane where we have decided to live for the remainder of our time in Australia. As we drive closer and closer the weather has become colder and the rain seems to never stop. It makes it hard to want to get out and see anything when the weather is not cooperating but the Glass House Mountains sounded interesting and I figured would be a chance for some great scenic shots.
The Glass House Mountains were named by Captain James Cook as they reminded him of giant glass furnaces (glasshouses) back in him native home of Yorkshire.
As I've said the weather wasn't the best and it was overcast and the clouds were hanging pretty low so although the pictures don't really show it it was indeed a great sight to see.

Happy Sunday everyone


  1. How bittersweet that you're making your way back to 'base' The weather in Brisbane is usually gorgeous. We've been having crazy weather at the moment :(

  2. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate but it sounds like an interesting place to visit.
    Happy Thanksgiving, did you celebrate? I put pork sausage in the stuffing just how you like it ;-)


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