October 24, 2012

Scary surprise in the middle of the night

How annoying is it when you wake up in the middle of the night knowing you need to pee but the effort off climbing out of your warm and cozy bed just seems far to much so you squeeze your eyes shut trying to ignore the little voice in your head telling you to get up. I curse my small bladder as this happens fairly often to me and its so irritating that my perfect sleep has to be interrupted.
Eventually after I except I'm not going to fall back to sleep so I might as well get myself up and get it over with. Stumbling to the bathroom with my eyes only slightly open only to be blinded by the bright light. Great now I'm fully awake and its going to be almost impossible for me to fall back to sleep.
As I sit down with my shorts around my ankles leaning on one hand with eyes closed I get the creepy feeling I'm being watched. I slowly open my eyes to a flash of brown scurrying across the floor. My mind immediately goes into panic mood as my eyes aren't focused enough to see what just ran across the floor but I'm pretty sure I know what it is and its literally caught me with my pants down. The worst possible time and its my worst nightmare.

Yes this is the actual size and yes I start hyperventilating when I see one and almost pass out from fear. The only thing that keeps me focused is the fact that I need to get out of the same room as this thing.
Now the beau is pretty good about my extreme fear of spiders and will get rid of anything when I scream for him. So I come running into the room and shake him awake and only have voice enough to screech spider spider bathroom spider. So he sleepily get out of bed and grabs a glass cause although he has no issue catching them and getting rid of them for me he refuses to kill them. 
Now to me thats true love. Every night that this has happened he wakes up without complaint, gets rid of the spider and rubs my back until I calm back down enough to fall asleep.
The only thing that comforts me a little in this situation is knowing that the Huntsman is not a poisonous spider. I've heard that it hurts a lot if one were to bite you but not needing to be rushed to the hospital is somewhat helpful to me. Since moving into our new place this has happened three times so far. I'm wondering if I will ever be brave enough to deal with them myself.

Has something similar ever happened to you?


  1. I need to get up virtually every night in the middle of it to go to the toilet - the most annoying thing ever. This sounds absolutely terrifying, and if you ask me, you dealt with it pretty well!! :)

  2. LMAO... I have two bits of bad news.... first... Its the same spider!... everytime he puts it out... its going to come back because that is where its web is..house.. whatever you want to call it... also, spiders only live where there is a food source of smaller bugs!... As for the bladder, perhaps cankels arn't the only thing I past on.... I have for years gotten up a minimum or 3 or 4 times a night!... the whole trying to not open my eyes any more then I absolutely have to because other wise I will be awake.... sheeez...
    As for Jason... he is a keeper! But then you already know that....
    love you


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