October 13, 2012

Thinking about the past

Lately I have been thinking about all the wonderful places I have been lucky enough to visit. Sometimes I find myself thinking that I haven't really accomplished that much in my life especially when I start to compare myself to other people. I have a career sort of but don't really want to be in this type of work any longer. I would like to go back to school but have no real idea for what or where to start. Most people I know have all ready figured out all of that and have set themselves on a five year plan. So where does that leave me?
 When I need a gentle reminder the wonderful friends/loved ones that I have in my life remind me of all the fantastic places I have explored. I have checked off way more countries then most of my friends could ever dream of doing.
Its these reminders that put my life in perspective. I have put travel first on my list of priorities and will probably always put it first. It is the one thing I desire the most. The one thing I never get sick of. No matter how many bad experiences I have I will always want to pack up and continue on to the next one. I am completely content with owning nothing except for what fits in my backpack and my trusted Mac of course. To me there is no better feeling then selling all my possessions and packing for that next exciting adventure.
I started looking through all the pictures I have from past trips taken and I remembered how great it was that my younger sister came all the way to Italy to meet up with me and explore. We spent a month together roaming the streets of Rome, Venice, Verona and Milian and taking in all they had to offer. A month was not enough to see it all and I really want to return there one day again to see everything once more but for now I will be happy enough to browse through those pictures and remember that great time in my life.


  1. Thats beautiful Kayleigh...Its great to stop and be thankful...

  2. What a beautiful reflection on what's important in your life. Travel is important to me but I refuse to make one thing 'the' most important. I work hard to achieve some sort of balance. I want a family, I love the work that I do, I love the land we bought in Fiji...maybe I'm greedy but I want it all. And I feel like I will have it because I work hard towards it. I would just concentrate on career or family, I want to learn to balance it all....


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