October 10, 2012

Woodgate Beach

While we were camping in Big Crystal Creek National Park we met some wonderful people who invited us over to their campfire, shared stories about Australia and their lives and generally just made us feel extremely welcome. It was nice and cozy and refreshing after the brutal drive it had been to get there. When I mean brutal I mean the serious road rage problems people seem to have over here. Especially to camper vans.
Anyways these couples told us all about their wonderfully quiet town of Woodgate Beach and said if we ever stopped by they would be happy to host us as it is a beautiful place in the summer. While we have slowly been making out way back to Brisbane I noticed where Woodgate was on the map and how easy it would be for us to just stop in for a night or two to check it out and decide if it would be one of those places that we would try and visit again before our time was up here in Australia.

Kangaroos seem to love this peaceful area as much as the people and are everywhere. Slow careful driving is required. One of the ladies was telling me that she has a mom and Joey that she feeds every morning and the little Joey follows her and her dogs round all the time. Now how cute would that be.

I love walking around squishing my feet into the sand and taking pictures of all the neat little patterns you find.

It was a bit of a cool day so no swimming but it was perfect for a peaceful stroll along the beach imagining how perfect it would be to spend a summer vacation here chilling with a latte and great book.

I loved this place and I can't really explain why. It soothed me I guess is the correct way to say it. I forgot all about technology, stress and the world around us and it was enough just to sit and relax and take in the sounds around me. A place of heaven.

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  1. Oh my goodness, the kangaroos are so sweet! I've never seen them before so it's great to see photos of them! Hope you had a great time. x



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