November 15, 2012

Byron Bay for the weekend

Our lovely roommate invited us along with her and some friends to Bryron Bay for the weekend. Byron Bay is a very touristy town with loads of backpackers from all around the world. It is a perfect place for a getaway with sand, sun and great waves to surf.

There is something about eating fish and chips on the beach that makes it taste so much better.
The weather was perfect the first day. We strolled along the beach taking pictures and watching all the surfers challenge the waves. Stretched out in the sand deciding that it was a great idea to bask in the heat of the sun and spend the afternoon people watching.

 The view was amazing and so peaceful.

We made homemade pizza and played hilariously embarrassing board games. Ventured out to experience the night life and listen to live music.

On our last day there we decided that it would be a great idea to walk up the winding stairs to the look out point and lighthouse. But it decided to rain, so we drove instead.

The weather sort of held up enough for me to snap a view pictures before it all became a blur.

 This view probably would have been much better on a clear day.

Thats right I was standing on the most easterly point of the Australian mainland. How exciting.

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  1. Byron Bay is beautiful, that lighthouse is stunning. I was certainly tickled that I was at the most easterly point of Australia. I loved it! xoxox


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