November 7, 2012

Helping all those cute creatures

I'm sure everyone has heard and seen all the destruction caused by hurricane Sandy. Although I have not been personally affected by this it still saddens me to see all that damage and devastation. It warms my heart to see how so many people have come together to help those affected rebuild what they have lost and offer support in their time of need. If this every happened to me I would really hope that people would find it in their hearts to help in any way they could, even if it was very small.
Saying that I think its really important that we don't forget those who cannot take care of themselves and depend on us when things go wrong. Of course I'm talking about all those adorable animals that have been effected by hurricane Sandy. The pictures make me to sad to look at so I won't be posting any but I will be donating some money to help the cause as being so far away I am not able to donate food or toys.
I first heard about this great idea through one of the bloggers I follow Hallie from Life: Oceanside and thought it would be great to spread the word so that everyone has a chance to help this fantastic organization.

Operation Wesley is a organization that assists families and their pets with financial and emotional support when it comes to medial emergencies, or the hardships of cancer.
 They have also set up a incredible service they call the "Comfort Drive"
The comfort drive is running until this Saturday, November 10th.
They are asking for:
New, Unused Pet Supplies
Care Packages
Gift Cards to Petco, Walmart, Petsmart, and Target.
or Paypal donations.
They will be delivered to all of the surrounding New York and New Jersey animal shelters on Sunday November 11th.
If you have it in your heart or in your wallet to donate even a couple tennis balls and a small bag of treats PLEASE do what you can to help the Animals of Sandy.
You can send all packages to:
Rita Berger
c/o Operation Wesley
4023 Kennett Pike Suite 409
Greenville, DE 19807

Paypal donations and E-gift cards can be sent to :

If you live in the area and have things to spare please help them out. If not donating as little as $5 would make a difference.

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