November 4, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Hey everyone,

I had so much fun thinking up confessions last week that I thought I might make this a regular thing so here goes.

1) The seasons over here in Australia are completely opposite to home that I'm getting a bit confused. Every time I go out shopping I still feel like I should be buying warm cozy stuff instead of preparing for summer.

2) I've been looking around etsy pretty often lately and am loving all the Harry Potter inspired accessories especially this.

3) I just had my hair coloured and am loving my new highlights but after reading through a couple of magazines I think I might want to switch to a copper red colour instead. How ridiculous is that.

4) The beau thought it would be funny to buy a fake red back spider and scare me with it, which he was able to do no less than five times. I was extremely mad given my fear of spiders but I couldn't stop smiling. I have to admit it was pretty good and five times is an accomplishment with the exact same object.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.


  1. I love charm bracelets, and it's soo easy to get carried away on Etsy! Have you decided on changing the highlights in your hair? I recently made the decision to go natural, it's been interesting! xoxox

  2. I love that charm bracelet!! so cool! and change your hair if it makes you happy. :)

  3. Etsy is like a drug to me! (Along with Pinterest). I know if I go to that site I will be spending way too much time and money on there.

  4. My hubby is deathly afraid of spiders, I should do that to him! haha. :) Happy Sunday!

  5. Please tell JJ he is my HERO!!!!!

    Love that HP charm bracelet, so fabulous! You don't have to wait that long until you can dye your hair again so no worries, do the other colour next time around.

  6. That charm bracelet is awesome! And I'm pretty sure that I would have fallen for the spider thing, too, so don't worry!

    Thanks for linking up last week!


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