November 11, 2012

Sunday Confessions

All right you now how this goes. Its Sunday once again so its time for some confessions.

1) I haven't worked out for over six months gulp. For me thats a big deal but since taking off from Canada I have zero motivation to get back into it.

2) I now watch the new show Arrow. Its totally cheesy but you gotta love a man doing chin ups with his shirt off.

3) People keep asking me where I want to settle down and its starting to stress me out because I have no idea and they look at me like I'm so lost.

4) Girls over here seem to like wearing shorts that are so short you can see their butt cheeks. Its disgusting and I want to walk up and slap them every time.


  1. I want to see Arrow...I don't mind a little cheese so long as it's in a Smallville kind of way!

    I would not recommend slapping random girls asses...tends to lead to awkward conversations..

  2. Ugh, so agree with the 'knicker shorts' thing, it's disgusting! In what world is it attractive?! xo

  3. I'm not brave enough to wear shorts like that in public. Ha, i haven't worked out in a long time either so i'm glad i'm not alone. I'm sure you''ll be happy no matter where you settle down. If ya don't like it you can always move again. I hope ya on the confessions hop, i hope your having a great day!


  4. Awww I love Arrow!!! :) Been hooked since the boyfriend introduced the show to me.

    FOund you over at the blog hop. :)


  5. I haven't worked out in at least six months either. But i don't even have an excuse! There's always next week to get started... :)!

  6. Have you been out to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary yet? You can HOLD a koala! And pet kangaroos. And all sorts of stuff. It may have been my favorite part of visiting Brisbane.

    Also, I kind of wish you would slap those girls wearing those non-shorts. You know it'll sting more since their cheeks are exposed, haha.

    1. I haven't been out to that one but we did go to the Koala Sanctuary on Magnetic Island and also Billabong Sanctuary in Townsville.

  7. Ha, I was wondering about the show Arrow. Might just have to start watching it now too ;)
    xo TJ

  8. I've never heard of that show - what's it about?

    And short shorts drive me nuts. Just put some clothes on, sheesh!!

    Thanks for linking up last week, Kayleigh!

  9. The show is about a spoil rich kid that get stranded on a deserted island and is presumed dead. Five years later he is rescued and comes back to the city deciding to correct the wrongs of his father ect ect. Its a decent show


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