December 31, 2012

1st day of 2013

I just about said 2012 there. Whoops. Better start practicing writing 2013 so I don't mess up that one again. 2012 was a fantastic year for me. A lot of memories were made and we travelled to some amazing places. I have a lot of things that I would like to accomplish this year but before I share all that I would like to review all the great things that I did this year.

We bought a one way ticket to Australia 

We went to Nova Scotia to visit Jasons wonderful family

We stopped over in Michigan to visit my mom and her husband

We visited some of the most beautiful beaches

I got to hold a Koala
All pictures from

There are many things that we were fortunate enough to experience this year but these would be the most memorable for me. I am so excited for 2013 and all the possibility it has to offer. Some exciting things will be happening on this here blog which I will share with you later.
For now I hope everyones New Year was fantastic and you have a wonderful first day of the year.

December 28, 2012

Happy Holidays

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. I am taking a much needing break to lay on the beach or beside the pool and do absolutely nothing.
I may not be on the blog much this week but I promise that I will post pictures as soon as possible.
For now best wishes in the New Year.

December 22, 2012

Sunday Confessions

This month has gone by so fast and I can't believe Christmas is right around the bend. I have been looking forward to this little getaway we have planned for the next four days for months.

1) I had a list of things that should be done/organized before we leave for our trip tomorrow but then it was just so hot outside that sitting by the pool reading a book just seemed like a much better idea. Procrastination 1 - Kayleigh 0.

2) I have been making a list of things I want to accomplish next year. Not really resolutions just stuff I would like to enjoy or accomplish that year. Its the first time I have really sat down and written something like that.

3) I am not excited to work tomorrow even if its only for four hours. I know you all want to get your nails done but really people book the week before so we can all enjoy the Christmas season.

4) I am so excited to wake up next to the boyfriend on Christmas morning. Its just the two of us this year and its so exciting to make our own Christmas traditions.

5) We are not buying each other gifts this year as our vacation was our gift to ourselves but I am excited to make some great memories and always be able to look back on what an amazing year we had together.

December 19, 2012

Our conversations go a little something like this

Now probably the little snippets of conversations that I am about to show you will not be nearly as funny to you as they are to me but I just feel like sharing what goes on when no one else is around.
They go a little something like this.

Jason: How was your night?
Kayleigh: I had to fend off a cockroach.
Jason: Fend off hey.
Kayleigh: It was in the shower. It scared the s@!t out of me.
Jason: Well I am glad your ok.
Kayleigh: Can't say the same for the cockroach. Let that be a warning to all its buddies.

Kayleigh: This can of tomatoes has olives in it. Why would anyone put olives in stewed tomatoes.
Jason: Didn't you look at the label before buying it?
Kayleigh: It was a can of tomatoes, how wrong could I go.
Jason: Do you want some bread with your chilly?
Kayleigh: Yah sure put it on the table. Is this the bread I picked up today?
Jason: Yah why?
Kayleigh: I thought I picked up multigrain not white.
Jason: You really need to pay attention to stuff when you are out shopping.

Its time for some Christmas movies

I think that every season there are those particular movies that you tend to gravitate towards depending on what time of the year it is. For me Christmas time is all about the movies I loved to watch as a child and those ones that have been slowly added to the list.
The beau has given his opinion and is making sure I download the proper Christmas movies as he calls them. I am so excited for Christmas morning. To get up and make broccoli and feta quiche and play board games. My favourite being risk or the game of life and of course watch some movies.

My favourites:

December 16, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Hope everyone is having a lovely end to the weekend. I have been working lots of hours this past week as we are super busy leading up to Christmas so I haven't been up to much. Does that count as a confession?

1) I have been extremely frustrated with some things/people this week. I feel like I am going through a rough patch and I don't know if I should just ride it out and hope for the best or sit down and talk about it and try and change things.

2) I had an amazing afternoon filled with delicious dessert wine and catch up conversation with one of my favourite friends here in Brisbane. Also the first friend I made here. She really made me feel so much better and I appreciate her taking the time to listen to my rants.

3) The above friend is moving away to Adelaide in the New Year and I am excited about the new beginning for her and her husband but am so sad I am losing a friend when these days it is so hard to have really close friends.

4) I am starting to hoard books again. I just love going to second hand book stores and Sunday market stalls filled with $1 and $5 books. Who can pass up those deals.

5) I watched the movie The Perks of being a WallFlower this weekend and my favourite quote is - And in this moment I swear we were infinite. New tattoo idea maybe.


December 14, 2012

Christmas Spirit

It has been really weird not having a cold December I must say. It doesn't even feel like Christmas is less then two weeks away. We have decided not to buy a tree or decorate partly because we are only temporarily in Australia and also we are going to be away from our home for the Christmas week. So instead of decorating and buying presents and doing all the things I normally I am getting myself in the holiday spirit via pinterest. Thats right, that nifty little site has everything and anything you could imagine and I have found some great decorating ideas and recipes I would love to try.

Here are a few of my favourites.

December 11, 2012

Cozy day

When I wake up on my day off and hear the soft pitter patter of the rain on the windows I smile and snuggle back under the covers knowing that its going to be the perfect lazy day. There is something soothing about the rain. Its an excuse to cancel the to do list that was suppose to be completed that day and give in to the need to just relax.

When I finally get myself out of bed I make a coffee and head out to our deck and sit underneath a soft blanket and look out into the backyard watching the rain. Its a time to daydream, a time to let your mind wander.

Pictures are from

One of my favourite things to do on a rainy day is dress in a comfy sweater and drink coffee or hot chocolate. Order in yummy take away and watch all those movies we have downloaded but haven't had the chance to watch.
It doesn't feel like I have wasted the day. Im rejuvenated and ready to face the week ahead.
Sometimes we just need those wonderful lazy days.

What are some of your favourite things to do on rainy days?

December 8, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Its another wonderful Sunday here in Brisbane which I have spent relaxing with the beau. I can't believe that its almost the end of 2012. Time is just flying by. Anyways here is some confessions for you.

1) I found out one of my favourite book series, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare is being made into a movie.

I loved the series and cannot wait to see the movie.

2) I only worked 12 hours this week but I still feel like I could use a mini break. I think I have become to use to not having to work 40 hours a week.

3) It drives me nuts that fruit is so expensive here when most of it is locally grown. $8 for a small carton  of raspberries. I think not.

4) I don't really get the whole instagram thing, maybe because I don't have an iPhone. It seems pointless to me and because I am all ready on Facebook, pinterest and blogger I really just don't have time to join something else.

5) I hate how parents seem to think its ok to have their little children running around naked at public beaches. Its so innapropriate and really makes me uncomfortable because I really don't want to see that.


December 7, 2012

December Love

December brings:

  • Gratitude for the wonderful year I have had
  • Wonderful days spent sipping pims on the patio with great friends
  • Days spent relaxing at the beach with a fantastic book
  • An intense heat wave warning, we shall see how I handle that
  • A Christmas getaway to a wonderful little oceanside town
  • Planning for the year ahead
  • Love for my amazing man who brings things into perspective when I most need it
  • Christmas cards from those who are missed and thought of everyday
What are you up to for the last month of the year?

December 4, 2012


I am having a bad couple of days. Its extremely frustrating when things don't go my way and work hasn't been the best lately. I try not to focus on it to much as this isn't my permanent career or the place I will live forever. Its all just temporary. I need to remember to sit back and relax. Don't take things so seriously and remember I am in Australia. Exactly where I want to be and its amazing.
The beau showed me this to cheer me up and I just had to share it with you. Its the funniest prank I have seen in the longest time. I fell of my chair I was laughing so hard.


December 2, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Sorry I am late with the confessions. Technically its no longer Sunday here but I am still going to do them anyways.

1) I totally forgot about Sunday confessions yesterday. I was having way to much fun at the beach.

2) It drives me nuts when the beau buys a bottle of wine, brings it home and says hey I thought you would like this. Only to wake up the next morning to it being empty because him and his friends decided they wanted to try it out. Geez

3) It was the weirdest thing seeing the Christmas parade downtown here in Brisbane. Poor santa was probably sweating like crazy in that red suit because it was a hot one.

4) We are not decorating for Christmas this year, or buying presents. Pretty much this is a very anti Christmas for us this year. It just feels way to weird when there is no snow.

5) Sunday sessions at the local pub has become our new favourite thing here. Neither of us work on Mondays and they have a jug of pims on special for $20. Enough said.
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