December 14, 2012

Christmas Spirit

It has been really weird not having a cold December I must say. It doesn't even feel like Christmas is less then two weeks away. We have decided not to buy a tree or decorate partly because we are only temporarily in Australia and also we are going to be away from our home for the Christmas week. So instead of decorating and buying presents and doing all the things I normally I am getting myself in the holiday spirit via pinterest. Thats right, that nifty little site has everything and anything you could imagine and I have found some great decorating ideas and recipes I would love to try.

Here are a few of my favourites.


  1. I love the lit up wooden tree! Such a fantastic modern take on the Christmas tree!

  2. Hot, dry, brown Christmas' are what I grew up with...and I miss them!

    Now that I've experienced a few white Christmas' here in the U.S, I do understand what you miss during this time. Snow does have a magical effect about it.

    As do lights...I too love the wooden shelf Christmas tree. It's rustic and the lights add a perfect touch of magic.

  3. I backpacked across Australia for 4.5 months, but it was during their "winter" (still very hot!). I'd love to experience an Australian Christmas though, since I remember my ex Aussie bf telling me about how he'd go to the beach and there'd be fireworks, and they'd have a bbq. Crazy!

  4. LOVING that wood tree. So perfect!
    xo TJ

  5. these are awesome ideas for christmas... I hear you about my time clock being off with the weather being warmer then normal. No snow here.. and its been around 46 so very warm in comparison to Alberta!
    Christmas is in the heart... enjoy and embrace Christmas there with Jason. You are so very lucky to be experiencing this adventure. There will be plenty of time for "cooler" Christmas's in the years to come..
    Just wish we could of made it work to come over there and be with you.


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