December 19, 2012

Our conversations go a little something like this

Now probably the little snippets of conversations that I am about to show you will not be nearly as funny to you as they are to me but I just feel like sharing what goes on when no one else is around.
They go a little something like this.

Jason: How was your night?
Kayleigh: I had to fend off a cockroach.
Jason: Fend off hey.
Kayleigh: It was in the shower. It scared the s@!t out of me.
Jason: Well I am glad your ok.
Kayleigh: Can't say the same for the cockroach. Let that be a warning to all its buddies.

Kayleigh: This can of tomatoes has olives in it. Why would anyone put olives in stewed tomatoes.
Jason: Didn't you look at the label before buying it?
Kayleigh: It was a can of tomatoes, how wrong could I go.
Jason: Do you want some bread with your chilly?
Kayleigh: Yah sure put it on the table. Is this the bread I picked up today?
Jason: Yah why?
Kayleigh: I thought I picked up multigrain not white.
Jason: You really need to pay attention to stuff when you are out shopping.


  1. My dad once just bought tomato sauce in a jar that had meat in it - we're all was not a happy dinner and taught us all a lesson in reading labels.


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