December 2, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Sorry I am late with the confessions. Technically its no longer Sunday here but I am still going to do them anyways.

1) I totally forgot about Sunday confessions yesterday. I was having way to much fun at the beach.

2) It drives me nuts when the beau buys a bottle of wine, brings it home and says hey I thought you would like this. Only to wake up the next morning to it being empty because him and his friends decided they wanted to try it out. Geez

3) It was the weirdest thing seeing the Christmas parade downtown here in Brisbane. Poor santa was probably sweating like crazy in that red suit because it was a hot one.

4) We are not decorating for Christmas this year, or buying presents. Pretty much this is a very anti Christmas for us this year. It just feels way to weird when there is no snow.

5) Sunday sessions at the local pub has become our new favourite thing here. Neither of us work on Mondays and they have a jug of pims on special for $20. Enough said.


  1. What temperature is it there? Denver is warm too, in the 60's. I'm wishing for snow!

    1. At the moment its in the high 30s most days. Sometimes 40s as well. The humidity is what kills you usually.

  2. I NEED A WHITE CHRISTMAS. These warm days are NOT okay.

    And I forgot about Sunday confessions till this morning, so don't worry!!

    thanks for linking up, Kayleigh!

  3. I think you need to take the wine, say thanks, and then hide it so he can't drink it.

  4. I love a white Christmas, but I have to admit that I hate the cold. Yesterday and today, it's been in the 70's,,,,so NOT Christmas weather. And I agree with Nikkiana...take it away before he has a chance to drink it...

  5. Bad JJ!
    Yeah Christmas with no snow is super weird! But I'll have to try it one day just in case... Of course that would break the snowboarding on xmas day tradition... perhaps surfing instead?

    Have you tried surfing yet? I don't recall you mentioning it before?


    Get smart and hide the wine


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