January 8, 2013


2012 was a fantastic year for us. I feel so fortunate that I have been able to experience all the wonderful places that we have travelled to. I grew as a person, more determined then ever to figure out what I really see myself doing as a career in the years to come. Our relationship grew as we took the time to learn about ourselves and who we were as a couple. Enjoying those times where you are so filled with love for the person sitting next to you but also coming together and working through the tough times.

So far 2013 has been amazing. I have spent time at the beach. Reading, relaxing and thinking about all the things I would like to accomplish this year. My fabulous sister Jenny celebrated her 24th birthday on the 6th. Jason and I have been talking a lot about our future and what our next move will be once we feel it is time to move on from Australia. There are still so many places here that I would like to see. I really need to get organized and start planning a trip to see Melbourne and the great ocean road.

Below are some of the things I would like to do/accomplish this year. I don't really make resolutions because lets face it who really sticks to those. This list is more of a reminder then anything.

1) Take a yoga instructor course

2) Complete another 30 day yoga challenge, maybe even extend it to 45

3) Join a book club

4) Be inspired by all those fantastic cooking shows out there and learn to enjoy cooking for myself and others

5) Really commit to this blog. Get organized and post regularly. Remind myself to write down all those ideas I think about

6) Take a photography course

7) Make the time to organize my pictures. Remember to share them. I still have so many that I haven't even posted on the blog or Facebook

8) Write more snail mail. I think I have begun to rely on Facebook and email to much. I love receiving letters in the mail so I should make the time to send letters to friends and family

9) Commit to date night on a regular basis and plan more mini getaways for just the two of us. Sometimes you get so busy with work and life in general that its easy to just sit yourself in front of the tv instead of planning a nice evening out

10) Plan a couple more vacations and slowly check those destinations off my bucket list

Have you set any goals for yourself this year? I would love to hear them.


  1. I've set the usual goals like keeping fit and such. I have also reminded myself to keep up with my own blog and write down all the little thoughts I have about it througout the day. I just bought a nice notebook I can fit in my purse to do just that. You should do the same! I love the idea of taking a photography course and I hope you do get around to it. I don't have a camera or anything (other than my phone) but it's so interesting and even beginners can come out with some great photos :)

  2. What great goals! I've not heard of the 30 day yoga challenge, sounds interesting and getting qualified as a yoga instructor is so exciting. I wish I had the time to squeeze that into my year. I've done a couple of photography courses (a couple of days/weekend ones) and I've enrolled in an online one at the moment. I haven't really set any goals for this year. Are you going to be sharing your goals/process on here? That was one of the hardest things for me last year. I had a goal a month, and I pretty much kept at them the whole year but after a couple of months I stopped sharing them on the blog :/ I guess the main thing though was I didn't give up on them...

    1. I hadn't thought about sharing them on the blog but that is a fantastic idea. Its a way to keep me motivated for sure. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Girl good luck with that list! You have so many great goals to reach! I used to work at a CITYOGA (a yoga studio in Indy) and those women loved the program but said it was intense at times! I have a few gal pals who added me into their facebook book club but I'm so busy with academia right now I don't have time to participate which sucks!


    P.S.: I found you blog via Vanisha! Don't you just LOVE her!

    1. The 30 day challenge can be exhausting but when your half way in you just become so proud of yourself so its worth it. Also I had at least two massages during that time to help with my tired muscles.

  4. I always love seeing everyone's new year's resolutions/goals!
    My favorites are the book club, cooking, snail mail, date nights and vacations! I love the idea of book clubs but never seem to have any luck with them in person (can't find them, traveling during meeting dates, etc.) so I started a "traveling bookclub" on my blog! I'm a big fan of cooking, love snail mail, am obsessed with date nights and traveling! =]

  5. Popped on over from the road less traveled and have to say I am glad I did love your blog love what you are hoping to achieve during 2013


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