January 29, 2013

Change of plans

I have been looking forward to the Australia day long weekend for a long time. Its the first weekend since Christmas that Jason and I will have two days off in a row together. Hello mini vacation.
Unfortunatley when we checked the weather forcast heavy rainfall and strong winds were predicted so we decided it would be best to postpone the trip. To make the most of things we decided to stock up on munchies, download movies and make ourselves comfortable for a weekend indoors. Mother nature of course had other plans. It had been raining since Saturday night and as we watched the news Sunday morning things seemed to be slowly getting worse. Video clips of extremely strong winds and massive flooding in certain parts of Queensland, town evacuations and gigantic waves tearing up the beaches. Concern started to take over as to how much worse things could possibly get and how much of this was heading towards Brisbane. Luckily we are at the top of a hill so flooding wasn't a concern. The massives trees falling down on our house from strong winds was altogether another story.
Just as I was putting the finishing touches on a late lunch the power went out. At this point I realize just how unprepared Jason and I are to handle this. With no flashlights and not a single candle in sight we were forced to rely on the light from the laptop and our phones. Our cozy weekend in suddenly became a rush to keep everything in the fridge cold and a camp out in our living room. By Monday afternoon I am getting extremely restless and with no end in sight to the weather and bad news I decided that we needed to find a place with power to hide out. I have never been so glad to see that flashing neon sign in my life as I was at that moment. A warm, cozy place to relax, charge our phones and have something delicious to eat. Many people from the surrounding neighbourhoods obviously had the same idea. Huddled around the tv, swapping stoires of all the damages we had seen. Feeling grateful that we seemed to have escaped the worst but the same time sad for the people that were forced to leave their homes and belongings to be taken over by this dreadful weather.
Over 48 hours and we are still without power but I feel like I have to right to complain. My heart goes out to all those people that have lost their homes and I hope you have found somewhere safe to stay.


  1. we had a HORRIBLE wind storm earlier this year. I ripped up fences, roofs and two HUGE pine trees in our back yard. No floods, but I hear ya. That wind is scary stuff.
    Glad you are safe!

  2. Just stumbled on your blog. I love stumbling across Brisbane blogs!

    I happened to be home for the flooding 2 years ago so I know what you're going through (we also live at the top of a big hill, so my Mum's house was fine). I hope you get some power back soon and that no trees come too close!


  3. That sounds so scary! I absolutely hate knowing that my cell phone battery is draining, and I have no way of charging it. It's a good thing there was a place that had power that you could plug into, and enjoy a few normal moments again. I hope this weather doesn't last too long for you, but I suppose it's all part of lifes adventure!

  4. lovely photo! I hope you guys get your electricity back soon :/
    followed you by the way, hope you can check my blog out too!

  5. I hope you're okay? It's dragged out a fair bit, hasn't it? I keep watching the news and hearing the stories and it's all so very sad. I hope you and your friends in the area are all doing okay. Stay safe xoxox

    1. We are good. Thanks Vanisha. We live on a hill so no chance of flooding. Lots of people had it way worse.

  6. Iv just read your travel ventures over at Vanishas Life in Aus .. nice to meet you :)
    That must be so scary for you guys, I hope you stay safe and stay dry! Thinking of my fellow Aussies x

  7. Oh wow, well that would be different from all those times the power went out at the farm, at least we had a fire place and a wood burning stove....

    Hopefully you guys will be more prepared the next time around though and that this wasn't any worse.

  8. It has been awful in Qld lately! I'm a Brisbane girl (but I call California home these days) and it's been heart breaking seeing the news - I just can't believe how many natural disasters Aus has been hit with lately! Glad you are ok.

    Saw your guest post on Postcards from Rachel so wanted to say hi :)



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