February 6, 2013


As a lot of you might now my current day to day life includes a fair bit of lazy days at the beach. lucky I know. Bragging? maybe just a bit.
A few weeks ago we decided it was time to get out of the city for a day and headed down the Gold Coast to Coollongatta beach. This particular beach stretches on for miles with various hikes to great lookout points. Perfect for snapping a few pictures. Our day included diving into the waves and watching all the surfers. Collecting sea shells and lying on the beach with a book enjoying the heat.
I couldn't get over how blue the water was. The sand was so clean that it squeaked underneath your feet. The weirdest sound ever.

 Jason said he just had to take a picture of this. I thought I would share.

I have an excellent collection of shells started. A couple from every beach that we have visited here in Australia.


  1. Lol thanks for sharing "that" photo! Not what you typically see at Aussie beaches. Rather envious of your lazy days at the beach!

  2. woow so beautiful! I wish I was there :)

  3. I would love to spend my days at the beach, and when the days look that amazing... I am jealous.



  4. And I thought they only dressed like that on beaches in Europe!! I so love Australia and miss being on holiday there. Thanks for brightening my snow day with a bit of sun!

  5. these are so so beautiful!
    a great way to brighten my day from my desk :)


  6. wow looks beautiful :)
    i went to Australia a few years a go and it was amazing, wish i could go back!


  7. I love it here and I am very glad we moved to Australia for good.

  8. I really love all these pictures! I live in Sydney, and Coollongatta has so many great memories for me, because I used to go there on holidays every year until I was about 12

  9. Oh that looks like paradise. I live in Washington State, USA and it is still cold cold cold. Ready for my summer!


  10. The water looks so beautiful and blue! And the picture of that man? Hahaha.

  11. Seeing your beautiful photos, (the sand, the surf, the horrible thong), I'm longing for a warm weather vacation :)


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