February 19, 2013

Gone Fishing

I think the last time I went fishing was with my dad. Back when I was younger he would take me and my two sisters out on the beautiful lake in his little boat, lounging in the sun and waiting for the fish to bite. I remember the excitement when your rod started to twitch about letting you know that you had finally caught a fish and then the realization that I would have to kill said fish myself and gut it because it was my catch. As we grew older fishing didn't seem to hold the same excitement in once had and instead we would paint our nails and read our books while dad fished for the day. At least we still came along right.
Jason loves to fish but in the almost three years that we have been dating we haven't once found the time to go together. So when his friend offered to take us to one of his fishing spots Jason jumped at the chance and I came along content to walk around taking pictures and read my book.
Fishing is extremely relaxing or in my case watching people fish. Jason waded out into the water standing there for hours waiting for something to happen. I walked along the beach watching the little hermit crabs battle over who was the strongest and should live in the best hole. Snapping pictures of all the boats, shells and people fishing.
When the tide is out the sand stretches on for miles connecting to a little island. It is a popular spot for runners and families out for a stroll soaking up the sunny weather. As  the sun started to go down and the wind picked up it was evident that we wouldn't be catching anything and instead decided to settle for fish and chips at the local store.
We will get you next time sneaky fish.


  1. I've never been fishing and I don't understand it all. But I love being out on a boat and in the water or by the water, so I don't really mind just hanging out. Will I ever fish, I don't think so. I'm too squirmish about certain things!

  2. My hubby loves fishing!

  3. Love the photos, it looks so peaceful and relaxing.



  4. LOVE the photos! I especially like the last one! There really is nothing prettier than sun reflected in a body of water:)

  5. Your photos are beautiful, bravo!

    Jason looks buff!


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