February 27, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday - Bora Bora

Welcome to wanderlust Wednesday. This might just become a regular feature every week. See how it goes. The idea behind this is I would like to start sharing the places that are on my bucket list to visit. Maybe even talk about the places that I have been to and would love to visit again. This could last for awhile as my list of places seems never ending.

What better place to start this series off then Bora Bora. For me this place would be one of those sit back and relax type vacations. I could picture myself relaxing at the beach sunning myself with a big stack of books beside me. Perhaps sipping on a mojito or two.

What would be your top choice for a vacation if money was no object?


  1. completely agree with you on this one :) bora bora is high on my list of potential honeymoon destinations {as well as the maldives and seychelles}.

  2. Anywhere warm would be perfect right now...just to get out of this cold and wind.
    But right now, top of my wanderlust list is London. (I realize that contradicts my previous statement...)
    <3 Kiersten

  3. I've not been to Bora Bora; in fact, I had to look it up since I wasn't even sure I knew where it was! And OMG! Can I go there RIGHT NOW? It looks amazing.
    If money was no object I'd love to visit the Maldives and bask in luxury, or travel to the other end of the globe and spend time in Alaska, Finland, Russia or Iceland - almost as far from Australia as one can get! South Korea would also be wonderful, as would rural China. Quite an ecclectic mix, I suppose, but travel is supposed to be about adventure and experience, right? ;)

  4. Greece!!! The beautiful little buildings and the crystal clearn blue water has always appealed to me. Hopefully one day!

  5. Oh - I would head to Bora Bora too. What a great starting place. I'd love to go there, and am very jealous of my husbands boss that has been there multiple times. He also has a lot of money. It's on our list to get to one day.

  6. I found you through hislittlelady, and you have a very cute blog! I'd love to visit Bora Bora, especially right now because I'm tired of winter weather and rain!!

  7. I would love to spend a week in Paris, its not far I know, but I'm half French yet have only been there once! It's crazy, so I would LOVE to discover it morexx


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