March 28, 2013

Easter Long Weekend

Bring on the four day weekend. I am really loving the fact that pretty much everywhere in Brisbane shuts down for a four day weekend over Easter. I can't remember the last job I had that I actually enjoyed the benefit of this.

This weekend will be filled with:
Mornings spent sipping coffee and enjoying a book
Afternoons enjoying the sun and a refreshing drink on a patio
Catching up with good friends
Dinner parties with delicious food
Girls shopping day trying to find the best deals
All day in bed catching up on movies

What are your plans for Easter?

March 27, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday - Verona, Italy

Verona, Italy

Italy remains one of my favourite Countries. I could visit a thousand times and never get tired of it. Verona especially was just so peaceful and magical. The tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet was what most people came to Verona for. People came from all over the world to write letters to Juliet wishing for their true love.
I spent days wandering the streets, enjoying the atmosphere and trying every pasta dish available.

March 25, 2013

Bloglovin Link-up party

Today I am joining Rachel over at Postcards from Rachel for the Bloglovin link-up party. Since GFC will be no longer in a couple of months its a good idea to transfer all the blogs you follow over to Bloglovin.

Grab a button and join in.

March 23, 2013

Sunday Confessions

Sunday confessions is back guys so grab a button and link up.

1) I have been really big into procrastinating lately

2) I want to go on a mega shopping spree but I find clothes here to be stupid expensive. I guess I will have to wait until we are somewhere else

3) I have finally gotten around to colouring my hair again. Yay

4) I can't believe how much snow England is getting. Just crazy

5) Watching the Block Allstars has really made me want to renovate a house. I think Jason and I would make an excellent team for a show like that

March 20, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday - Tonga

Today I am going to say a little something about the Island of Tonga. While I was trying to decide which place to talk about next my wonderful friend Leana suggested Tonga.
Now these Islands just look amazing, just look at that water. I can just imagine myself relaxing on a lounge chair with a corona and Jason by my side.

March 19, 2013


Time is moving so quickly. It seems like not that long ago we landed in Sydney filled with hope and excitement for the adventure that we had begun. Now its been almost a year and our time here is almost to an end.
As I have said before I am the queen at procrastination. I just can't be bothered to plan far in advanced and I prefer to leave everything till the last minute. Its how I function best.But it has come to my attention that decisions need to be made about what we are doing, where we are going, what we should do with ourselves once we get there.
I have a million things bouncing around in my head and its hard to focus or sort things out. I prefer to just pretend that nothing needs to be done and enjoy the sun and sand. I guess we will see if I accomplish anything in the next few weeks. I will keep you posted.

March 16, 2013

Happy St Patty's Everyone

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. Especially because its St Patty's. My favourite holiday.
I am spending the day on the beach. The weather here as been amazing this past week. Later on me might just drink some green beer in hour of this glorious occasion.
What is everyone up to today?

March 15, 2013

Follow The Way I Wanderlust via Bloglovin

Hello everyone. Happy Friday. If you haven't heard the news, google reader will be shut down as of July 1st 2013. For me this is a big deal as its how I follow most blogs I love. But lets not stress there are alternatives.
Feel free to follow me via Bloglovin or HelloCotton. Both links can be found on my side bar.

March 13, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday - Scotland

Beautiful Scotland

Scotland is near the top of my list of places I really want to visit. I have been to England several times over the years to visit friends and family and have also made a few trips to Wales. I never seem to make it up to Scotland though. The next trip I take that way I am going for sure.
With miles of countryside. Cute little pubs and fantastic buildings its a must see.

March 11, 2013

Night out with the girls

So I completely forgot about posting yesterday for Sunday Confessions. Truthfully I just didn't have it in me. I went out Saturday night to celebrate three birthdays. These girls know how to have a good time and one thing led to another and I didn't make it home until 4am.
Sunday morning I felt a little like this.

Clearly I do not recover nearly as fast as I did when I was 22. I spent the entire day in bed watching movies whining at Jason to make me soup with crackers. I am still feeling ill today so work really wasn't that get.
But it was totally worth it. I had an amazing time. Everyone should get their groove on once and a while right.

March 8, 2013


Wow am I glad its Friday. It has just been one of those weeks. We had to deal with a ton of crazy at work this week. Random people coming in to complain about how high our prices are at the Spa even though we are lower then most places in the neighbourhood. Then there was the person who yelled at us for things that were beyond our control. Geez people your directing your anger and the wrong person.
Thankfully our boss is a wonderful lady and bought us each a very nice bouquet of flowers for having to deal with such outrageous people and not giving them a well deserved slap. I will show a picture of those wonderful flowers later next week.
For now here is a song that I have had on constant reply this week.

Here's to a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

March 5, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday - Lysistrata, Greece

Here's to another fantastic Wednesday. Maybe its just fantastic to me because it just so happens to be one of my days off. The rain held off long enough for me to stroll around the markets to find some delicious fruit to nibble on. We found Jason some new shoes as his have had holes in them for awhile and as we walked home in the rain last night he finally accepted that a shopping trip was a must.
I have four fantastic books out from the library at the moment and its one of those times that I am having trouble deciding which one to start with.

The forgotten temple of Lysistrata Greece. I have been lucky enough to visit Greece once all ready. I spend a few weeks on the main land and then five wonderful month on the Island of Corfu volunteering at a horse riding facility. I had the most amazing experience and made friends with wonderful people who I still stay in touch with today.
 As I was so in love with Corfu and decided to spend way more time there then originally planned I ran out of time and was not able to explore the rest of Greece.
So many Islands and areas of Greece are still on my bucket list to visit. I love the idea of exploring a long forgotten temple and marvelling at the history and all the secrets it contains.

Lets go to the movies

Anyone else notice that there are a lot of movies coming out that look fantastic. I feel like it goes in waves sometimes you check out the movie playing and there is absolutely nothing you want to see. Other times it takes you forever to choose because there are to many.
I have a habit of spending a lot of time on youtube checking out all the previews. I don't know about you but I love watching the previews before the movie. The beau hates it and would prefer if we would arrive just in time to see the movie where as I love to get there early, grab some popcorn and settle in.

Below are some of the movies that will be coming out in the next couple of months that I just cannot wait for.




March 2, 2013

Sunday Confessions

Here's to another rainy weekend spent indoors. Although I did venture out to have coffee with a friend and walk around the markets even though by the time I made it home I was soaked.

1) I was actually organized last Sunday and published my Sunday confessions before Alyx did figuring I could just link up eventually when I saw her post only she never posted. Opps, guess I was just way to eager.

2) I am getting a bit frustrated with this rain. I just don't know how to dress. You try to dress so you don't get completely soaked when your walking around but its still pretty warm outside so wearing jeans is out of the question. Frustrating.

3) I really am a procrastinator at heart. I have learned to live with this and I actually don't mind doing things last minute. I was talking to a friend of mine and we were discussing certain future plans that I have yet to organize and she said it would stress her out to leave it till the last minute. It actually stresses me out to have concrete plans way in advanced. I just don't like to commit.

4) I'm in a music rut. I just don't know what to listen to or download. Please help. I like all sorts so feel free to make lots of suggestions.

5) I have a couple ideas about what I will blog about this week. I usually sit in front of my little mac and just start writing hoping it will be something worthy to post. Not this week. This week I have actually topics and everything. Impressed. I sure am.

March 1, 2013

A little something for your Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone. I hope your weekends are packed full of fun adventures. I know mine would be if the rain would stop even for a couple of hours.
Here is something that I have known about for awhile and think is halarious. I just had to share it with you. Its funny how true some of it is to. I think we can all admit that. Right.

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