March 23, 2013

Sunday Confessions

Sunday confessions is back guys so grab a button and link up.

1) I have been really big into procrastinating lately

2) I want to go on a mega shopping spree but I find clothes here to be stupid expensive. I guess I will have to wait until we are somewhere else

3) I have finally gotten around to colouring my hair again. Yay

4) I can't believe how much snow England is getting. Just crazy

5) Watching the Block Allstars has really made me want to renovate a house. I think Jason and I would make an excellent team for a show like that


  1. I need to do something with my hair as well .... high time!
    The weather is crazy in Europe at the moment.

  2. I can't believe that it's still snowing! It's almost summer in Asia!

  3. The snow is really annoying! It is enough now! Time for spring!
    And I absolutely know what you mean about procrastinating! I am pretty good at it too lately
    Have a great Sunday!

  4. I love shoping just hate spending money. I need a no limit credit card to suit my fancy. lol Have a lovely Sunday ~ Chelle @

  5. I am the worlds worst person for putting things off....I hate that. Hair color...ugh. I need to. Its never ending. And I am so ready for warm weather! The first day of spring last week and ever since, we have had winter like temps and zero sun. Arkansas weather changes daily!

  6. I have been bad about procrastinating as well!! need to change my attitude!

  7. Minnesota is getting a crapton of snow too... I hate it. I am totally over winter!

  8. Ahhhh I am SO sick of all of this snow. Doesn't Mother Nature realize that it's march, NOT January?!


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