April 1, 2013

Weekend recap

I don't know about you guys but this four day weekend went by way to fast. Maybe thats because it was jam packed full of fun.

Our lovely friends Jeremy and Leana flew in from Adelaide for the weekend. Now I have mentioned before what a wonderful person Leana is. She was who we stayed with when we first arrived in Brisbane and she just instantly put us at ease and made us so welcome. I will be forever grateful to her for that. I became fast friends with Leana. Something that is extremely rare for me these days so when she told us she was coming down I was jumping for joy for a good ten mins. Well maybe five, it's hard work.
We met Saturday afternoon for a coffee and catchup then headed off to our favourite store, Trade Secrets which is similar to Winners ( for all you Canadians) but on a smaller scale. We wandered through the outdoor markets and stopped off at our favourite dumpling place for lunch. A perfect girls day.
Sunday was a chance for the guys to join in and we all got together for drinks at a local pub. I am ashamed to say I didn't take a single picture this weekend. Its just not like me. I will just slap myself on the wrist and promise to do better next time.
All in all it was a fantastic weekend. Exactly what I needed. I feel well rested and ready to tackle the week ahead.

How was everyone's weekend?


  1. Girls talk is always awesome. Oh , I always forget to take many important pictures , so don't worry.

  2. It is always great to have friends around, I can see how blessed you are with these friendships :)

    When Mine Became Ours

  3. Fabulous weekend!! Looking forward to your trip to Adelaide :)


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