May 31, 2013

#31 A vivid memory

Day 31 people. We made it. To everyone that participated in the blog everyday in May challenge lets go ahead and give ourselves a big pat on the back. Its an accomplishment to be proud of for sure.
After today who knows what I am going to blog about. I will actually have to get myself organized. A challenge in itself that is. Maybe after having the weekend off. I think we deserve it.

My vivid memory is from my childhood. We were living in England on the army base it those cute little  brick townhouses. We were lucky children, our house backed onto a forest with everything a child with a vivid imagination could ever wish for.

One good thing about living on an army base, all my friends lived right near me if not next door to me. Playing outside was always a given and going on mini adventures into the little patch of woods was usually always on the agenda. One of my favourite memories from that time was playing soldiers and indians in the woods. For some reason all the boys were the soldiers and the girls were the indians.
We would paint our face dark with our moms makeup, braid our hair back the best we could and put feathers in our hair.

Those woods were filled with treasures, adventures and happy memories.

May 30, 2013

#30 React to the term letting go

Wow day 30 people. This is amazing. I feel so invigorated, inspired to keep this whole blog everyday thing going.

Letting go of fear, fear of failure, of the unknown, fear of judgement. Learning to let go of all of this to live my life the way I want to. When I am planning a new adventure mixed in with all the excitement and new possibilities is always the uneasy feeling that I might not succeed. That I might have to come right back because I ran out of money or things just didn't go the way I had planned.

As the years go by I have learnt to take things as they come. To not overact if things are not working out exactly as they were suppose to. To instead adjust and make a new plan, learning that this is just a part of life. To embrace my fears and learn to rise above them and continue my journey.

May 29, 2013

#29 Five pieces of music that speak to you

I am loving day 29. Mostly because it means this challenge is all most done and I have actually completed it. Amazing.

Here are five songs that I am loving at the moment.

Thrash Unreal - Against Me

Run with me - Jason Blaine

Bloodstream - Stateless

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

Breath you in - Dierks Bentley

What songs are you loving right now?

May 28, 2013

#28 Pictures

For todays challenge we are asked to post just pictures, so I am going to pinterest it up for you guys.

May 27, 2013

#27 A letter to your readers

Dear readers,

I can't believe how many of you stop by and read my posts. When I first started writing in this little space I expected it to only be friends and family that would take the time to stop and comment.
I have really enjoyed blogging. It has become so much more to be then I ever thought it would. I can't wait to grow this little space and expand into other areas, I have lots of plans for this place.
I love each and every one of you for taking the time to read and leave a comment when you can. I am not always great at responding right away but I do read each and every one, if you leave your link I love to stop by and explore your little space to.

I have become good friends with a few of you, hope to get to know a ton more of you and maybe one day even meet some of you. I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey through this life, if you have any questions or want me to post about something in particular feel free to reach out to me.

May 26, 2013

#26 Post about something that you have read online

Day 26 people. We are almost to the end. For those of you that have joined in on the 30 day blog challenge give yourself a big pat on the back. You deserve it.

Something that I have read lately and really enjoyed was 10 magical indoor plants to attract love, joy and prosperity over on Gala Darling. I have really been getting into the whole grow your own food trend. I am especially intrigued by herb gardens and how to make home made remedies.

In the post she talks all about the plants that are easy to grow yourself and thrive inside. She also goes over the properties of each plant and what they are good for. Example - Bamboo is good for bringing luck and prosperity.

This post inspired me to head out and pick up a few herbs of my own. I am determined to see them thrive throughout the summer and reap there rewards. Lets see how this goes as those who know me know I don't exactly have a green thumb.

May 25, 2013

#25 Something someone once told you that you have never forgotten

Today I am reminiscing about all the things people have told me about myself good or bad that have really stuck with me over the years.

For me it would be the time I went to England to visit family and friends before I was taking off to travel around Europe. I was talking to a friend about how everyone I knew wanted to buy a house, settle down and get married and have babies. At the time it couldn't have been farther from what I wanted. I was frustrated because although I knew that I loved travelling and it was what I wanted to do with my life, I felt left out as I was heading in one direction and all my friend the other.

My friend said "Kayleigh, you have a gypsy soul, I have never met someone who is as adventurous as you are. You are going to lead an exciting life, never dull that is for sure. I am so envious of you for the fact that you are brave enough to do this all by yourself."

She told me this when I needed it the most and I will never forget how those words helped me.

May 24, 2013

#24 What are your three worst traits

I am not sure I like day 24 of the blog everyday in May challenge. Do I really want to admit my worst traits to the public.

Since there are a ton of other people doing the same post today I hope no ones judges to much. Here goes.

1) Procrastination
- I procrastinate like nobody else. I leave everything till the last minute. I really wish I was one of those people that wrote lists and checked things off right away. But I really don't see myself ever being like that.

2) Stubborn
- I am extremely stubborn. Determined to do things my way.

3) Shyness
- I am super shy with people I don't know. I am not good at small talk what so ever. In this way it is hard for me to make new friends even though I do enjoy discovering new friendships.

May 23, 2013

#23 Things you've learned that school won't teach you

Todays challenge asks us to think about the things we have learned in life that school just can't teach you.

Life has taught me:

To embrace my quirkiness
To make the most out of every opportunity
About intense love and heartbreak
To make an effort in my relationships, including those people that I hardly see
Not to take negative comments to seriously
That not everyone will have your best interest at heart
You can in fact make your passion your career
That you get out of life what you put in

What has life after school taught you?

May 22, 2013

Oh Australia

Well Australia it is time to say goodbye.

We made some great memories Australia and I will forever remember you. It is time to move on though. Its not you, its me I just can't commit. A new place, a new adventure is just around the corner.

Were are we of to you ask? Why Michigan of course. For how long who knows but for now I am content to relax at my moms beautiful log house and enjoy the fact that we are skipping winter all together and heading right into another wonderful summer. 

#22 Rant about something

Day 22 on the blog everyday in May challenge is rant about something. There are a few things that really bug me that I could sit here and go on about, but I just don't feel like it.

It really bothers me that they are getting rid of google reader. I really love logging into my blog page and seeing all the new posts from my favourite bloggers, while also being able to write a post of my own. I am signed up for bloglovin but I just don't like it as much. I'm not sure what it is about it that I dislike but I do. I also found out that hello cotton is no more as well, I just signed up on that thing.

I hope that google will be coming out with something even better that will make us all feel silly for complaining but I guess only time will tell.

P.S if you would like to continue following my blog which I really hope you do, here is my link for bloglovin.

Do you have anything you want to rant about?

May 21, 2013

#21 A list of your favourite posts in your archive

Can you believe that it is all ready day 21 in the blog everyday in May challenge. Its been going so fast which reminds me, I can't believe its almost June.

For todays challenge we we're asked to list our favourite posts from our archive.

1) 30 before 30 - I loved putting together this list and I am so excited to slowly tick them off over the next three years.

2) Attack of the crazy magpie - My run in with the local wildlife. Was not a good day for me.

3) Big Crystal Creek - Finding our favourite sanctuary in the national park of Big Crystal Creek.

4) Koala's - My love for the oh so cuddly Koala.

I hope you enjoy these posts if you are a new reader. Especially the magpie one. Jason couldn't stop laughing as I was telling him about this ordeal.

Link up your favourite post in the comments below.

May 20, 2013

#20 Share something your struggling with right now

At the moment I am not really struggling with anything, or am I struggling with everything? That is the question. As I have talked about in a few of my previous posts I am in a state of transition at the moment. I am very much enjoying it and am happy to stay like this for a bit until I organize, write things down, make decisions and figure out the direction to head in next.

So maybe what I am struggling with is deciding. Mostly I am trying to decide what to go back to school for. Should I concentrate on one thing or should I go for a couple at once? Any advice you might be willing to give would be fantastic.

Your opinions are very welcome.

May 19, 2013

#19 Five of my favourite blogs

One of the best things about blogging is getting to know all the other wonderful bloggers out there. I had been reading a few blogs for about a year or so and it inspired me to start my own little blog to document my life and adventures. Just when I think that maybe I really don't have anything interesting to say or things are bumming me out I turn to these lovely ladies for some much needed inspiration.

Here are a few of the lovely blogs I enjoy reading while I have my coffee in the morning.

Vanisha's life in Australia

I found her blog just after I started my own. I was thrilled that I had found another blogger living in Australia. Vanisha is so humble and honest in her blog. She is extremely caring and giving. I really love the way she sees and photographs the world.

We took the road less travelled

I just adore Casey. Her blog is always filled with so many wonderful adventure stories that it makes we want to revisit Europe all over again. I also grew up in the army and we lived in Germany for awhile and I was also actually born in Hanover, Germany. Casey has become a wonderful blogger friend and I really hope we get to meet in person one of these days.

Gala Darling

Whats not to love about this awesome lady. She is peppy, quirky and always filled with energy. She runs her own blogger bootcamp which I really hope to attend one day. She lives in New York, a place I really want to vista one of these days. My favourite thing about her blog is her Things I love Thursdays. She gives you such great ideas and reading material and I have found some interesting sites through this series.

Kendi Everyday

Kendi's blog is always full of fashion inspiration. She owns her own store called Bloom in Texas. What a lucky women for being able to make her passion her day job. Kendi recently opened up on her blog about her struggles in life and wow, that blew me away how honest she was. Just goes to show that everyone is allowed to have those bad days once in awhile.

Postcards from Rachel

Rachel is a very cheery person and I love reading about her travels and their constant location changes. She got to live in Scotland, so envious of that. Rachel also takes in foster dogs, whats more adorable then that.

Who are your favourite blogs right now?

May 18, 2013

#18 A childhood memory

This one is easy for me. I have some fantastic memories from my childhood but what I wanted to share with you today was what I usually got up to every summer from the age of say 11 till about 15. I think mom planned it this way to keep us all out of trouble as we were heading into our teenage years.

My sisters and I were extremely fortunate growing up and each had our own horse. We lived on a ranch for these years meaning that we also had to pitch in and help with the feeding, grooming and training of our horses as well. We were members of pony club at this point to.

Pony club is a wonderful experience for the girl who loves everything about horses. We had lessons once or twice a week during the summer and in the winter we then did theory. At the end of each year you did your testing to be able to move up to the next level. I met some amazing friends through pony club and still stay in contact with them today.

My favourite part would probably be that during the summer months we would pack all our stuff into the trailer and load up the horses and off we went to different shows around the area to compete in dressage, reining, stadium jumping and my favourite cross country jumping. I felt like a champion on those courses. Nothing could tare me down. At the sound of the whistle we were off racing through the field, staying on course and trying to remember exactly which jumps and in which order we had to go.

I loved the thrill, the speed and the excitement of placing first or even second and third. My horse was my best friend and when every I had a hard day at school I would come home and saddle up my horse and ride up into the fields for hours just enjoying the peace and quiet.

May 17, 2013

#17 A favourite picture of yourself

Day 17 is an easy post. Pick a favourite picture of yourself. Well I am usually on the other side of the camera, preferring to take pictures of everyone else. Even when someone asks me if I would like a picture of myself I usually say no.
I am working on becoming more comfortable in front of the camera. After all pictures are great memories.

This picture was taken on our very first day back in 2010. We had just finished dinner and arrived at a cute little pub for drinks. A friend of mine happened to be there and asked us if we wanted a picture of us together.
I love this picture. The fact that it was our first date and I will always have something to remember it by. I was so comfortable with Jason right away and it was a perfect night.

May 16, 2013

#16 Something difficult with my lot in life

Now I have been thinking about this post for a couple of days now. Trying to think back on the years to see if there has ever really been something in my life that has been extremely difficult.
I grew up as an army brat so I was always changing schools, but many people deal with this.
My parents were devoiced when I was just heading into my teens so maybe thats why I acted out as a teenager but who hasn't. I have fallen in love and had my heart broken but really thats just a part of life.

I have decided to write about a lesson I learned the hard way. Something that took a long time to get over, but eventually made me into a better and stronger person.

I won't write the whole story because it is a long one and not something that I really enjoy thinking about overall.
The short of it is that I was in a relationship with a guy that I also lived with for almost 4 years. I broke up with him at the age of 22 and decided I wanted to take off to travel Europe for as long as possible. In my rush to get out of that bad relationship and live everything behind I trusted that he would do the right thing regardless of the pain I may have caused him.
See because we lived together we had bought a lot of stuff together so it was going to be difficult to split everything up. I decided to make things easier and quicker to just give everything to him because all I needed was the suit case I was taking with me.

The previous year we had decided to lease a truck and because my credit was better then his my name was the one we decided to put on the paperwork. First mistake.
I went to the dealership explaining the situation and all we had to do was fill out more paperwork and sign everything explaining that we were transferring the lease into my ex's name. I had everything filled out and ready to go leaving it in his hand to send off to the dealership which he said he had done. Second mistake.

Upon my arrival back to Canada over a year and a half later I was contacted by a collections agency. Turns out the ex hadn't sent in the papers meaning the truck was still in my name and hadn't made any payments on said truck since I had left the Country. Conclusion, I know owed the collections agency 6,000 dollars which of course I didn't have.

I cried for days and yelled at my ex who of course could care less because it wasn't anything to do with him anymore. I eventually got together the money and paid what was owed but this left a huge black mark on my credit rating which would take me 3 years to fix.

It was an extremely hard and expensive lesson to learn and would take me two and a half years to even want to consider dating or trusting another person again. But you live and you learn and you get over things and now I am much more careful about money situations and who I trust with them.

May 15, 2013

#15 Pictures of a day in my life

Wow we are officially half way through the blog everyday in May challenge. I am extremely proud of myself for keeping this up. Now lets see if I can keep doing it after the challenge is over.
At the moment I don't really have a regular day as such.

I wake up usually around 8:30, sometimes later if I really just don't feel like getting out of bed.
I sit on the porch sipping a coffee basking in the early morning sun for about an hour or so.
I might check my email, blog a bit and check Facebook during this time as well.

For my pictures today I would love to share with you what my mom and I got up to on mothers day.

Getting ready to go out for the day

 We went to several garden stores and hunted around antique shops

We also went for a late lunch at a wonderful restaurant called the mermaid and watched the Harry Potter marathon that just so happened to be playing on tv that night well into the late hours.
It was a wonderful day.

May 14, 2013

#14 10 things that make me happy

Well this is a fun post today. For day 14 of the blog everyday in May challenge is 10 things that make me happy.

1) Coffee ( I bet no ones surprised about this one)

2) Relaxing on the beach enjoying the sun
3) The smell of lavender
4) My love Jason

5) Being cuddled up in front of a fire
6) Thunder and lightening storms
7) Books

8) Getting my hair cut and coloured
9) Finding the perfect outfit on sale
10) Freckles
All pictures except #2 are from

What makes you happy? I would love to hear your top 10.

May 13, 2013

#13 Issue a public apology

Day 13 of the blog everyday in May challenge is issue a public apology. So I decided to direct this apology towards myself.

Dear body. I am sorry that this was the first day back at hot yoga in over 11 months. I know you were tight and straining to stay in the poses for as long as I wanted you to. I felt the lose of strength and flexibility as soon as we started. I'm sorry that I was so lazy during our time in Australia and didn't really try and find a studio that suited me. I am usually pretty good about my health but I really feel I just let myself go while we were there.

I was so focused on adventure and exploring that I totally forgot to focus on my health and fitness and today I realized more then ever that I have really missed my time on the mat.
To make up for this I promise to do yoga at least 4 times a week and to add in some much needed weight training on top of that. I will give up coffee for a week or more, hopefully and do a detox which my body so desperately needs.

May 12, 2013

#12 What I miss

Day 12 of the blog every day challenge is write about something I miss. Well I miss a lot of things so I could write on and on about this. Today though I will talk about people that are close to my heart.

I miss my friends and my sisters. I miss Sunday dinners with them and walking around the farmers market, I miss going to yoga almost everyday with my younger sister and being each others motivation.
I miss being able to call them to come over when I am feeling lonely or having a bad day, knowing that they will drop everything just to come and keep me company.

I miss the friends that I have known for years. The ones that I could talk to about anything without fear of judgement. The fact that they know me so well they don't even need to ask whats bothering me but know exactly what to do to cheer me up.

 I miss the friends that I make along my travels, the ones that I always end up having to say goodbye to even though it breaks my heart. I connect so well with these people and even though you promise to stay in touch and visit each other again sometimes time and distance just makes it impossible.

It is my choice to be a gypsy and travel around the world. I have zero regrets about this. But sometimes I wish for a simple life surrounded by the people I love.

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