May 12, 2013

#12 What I miss

Day 12 of the blog every day challenge is write about something I miss. Well I miss a lot of things so I could write on and on about this. Today though I will talk about people that are close to my heart.

I miss my friends and my sisters. I miss Sunday dinners with them and walking around the farmers market, I miss going to yoga almost everyday with my younger sister and being each others motivation.
I miss being able to call them to come over when I am feeling lonely or having a bad day, knowing that they will drop everything just to come and keep me company.

I miss the friends that I have known for years. The ones that I could talk to about anything without fear of judgement. The fact that they know me so well they don't even need to ask whats bothering me but know exactly what to do to cheer me up.

 I miss the friends that I make along my travels, the ones that I always end up having to say goodbye to even though it breaks my heart. I connect so well with these people and even though you promise to stay in touch and visit each other again sometimes time and distance just makes it impossible.

It is my choice to be a gypsy and travel around the world. I have zero regrets about this. But sometimes I wish for a simple life surrounded by the people I love.

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