May 13, 2013

#13 Issue a public apology

Day 13 of the blog everyday in May challenge is issue a public apology. So I decided to direct this apology towards myself.

Dear body. I am sorry that this was the first day back at hot yoga in over 11 months. I know you were tight and straining to stay in the poses for as long as I wanted you to. I felt the lose of strength and flexibility as soon as we started. I'm sorry that I was so lazy during our time in Australia and didn't really try and find a studio that suited me. I am usually pretty good about my health but I really feel I just let myself go while we were there.

I was so focused on adventure and exploring that I totally forgot to focus on my health and fitness and today I realized more then ever that I have really missed my time on the mat.
To make up for this I promise to do yoga at least 4 times a week and to add in some much needed weight training on top of that. I will give up coffee for a week or more, hopefully and do a detox which my body so desperately needs.

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