May 16, 2013

#16 Something difficult with my lot in life

Now I have been thinking about this post for a couple of days now. Trying to think back on the years to see if there has ever really been something in my life that has been extremely difficult.
I grew up as an army brat so I was always changing schools, but many people deal with this.
My parents were devoiced when I was just heading into my teens so maybe thats why I acted out as a teenager but who hasn't. I have fallen in love and had my heart broken but really thats just a part of life.

I have decided to write about a lesson I learned the hard way. Something that took a long time to get over, but eventually made me into a better and stronger person.

I won't write the whole story because it is a long one and not something that I really enjoy thinking about overall.
The short of it is that I was in a relationship with a guy that I also lived with for almost 4 years. I broke up with him at the age of 22 and decided I wanted to take off to travel Europe for as long as possible. In my rush to get out of that bad relationship and live everything behind I trusted that he would do the right thing regardless of the pain I may have caused him.
See because we lived together we had bought a lot of stuff together so it was going to be difficult to split everything up. I decided to make things easier and quicker to just give everything to him because all I needed was the suit case I was taking with me.

The previous year we had decided to lease a truck and because my credit was better then his my name was the one we decided to put on the paperwork. First mistake.
I went to the dealership explaining the situation and all we had to do was fill out more paperwork and sign everything explaining that we were transferring the lease into my ex's name. I had everything filled out and ready to go leaving it in his hand to send off to the dealership which he said he had done. Second mistake.

Upon my arrival back to Canada over a year and a half later I was contacted by a collections agency. Turns out the ex hadn't sent in the papers meaning the truck was still in my name and hadn't made any payments on said truck since I had left the Country. Conclusion, I know owed the collections agency 6,000 dollars which of course I didn't have.

I cried for days and yelled at my ex who of course could care less because it wasn't anything to do with him anymore. I eventually got together the money and paid what was owed but this left a huge black mark on my credit rating which would take me 3 years to fix.

It was an extremely hard and expensive lesson to learn and would take me two and a half years to even want to consider dating or trusting another person again. But you live and you learn and you get over things and now I am much more careful about money situations and who I trust with them.

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