May 18, 2013

#18 A childhood memory

This one is easy for me. I have some fantastic memories from my childhood but what I wanted to share with you today was what I usually got up to every summer from the age of say 11 till about 15. I think mom planned it this way to keep us all out of trouble as we were heading into our teenage years.

My sisters and I were extremely fortunate growing up and each had our own horse. We lived on a ranch for these years meaning that we also had to pitch in and help with the feeding, grooming and training of our horses as well. We were members of pony club at this point to.

Pony club is a wonderful experience for the girl who loves everything about horses. We had lessons once or twice a week during the summer and in the winter we then did theory. At the end of each year you did your testing to be able to move up to the next level. I met some amazing friends through pony club and still stay in contact with them today.

My favourite part would probably be that during the summer months we would pack all our stuff into the trailer and load up the horses and off we went to different shows around the area to compete in dressage, reining, stadium jumping and my favourite cross country jumping. I felt like a champion on those courses. Nothing could tare me down. At the sound of the whistle we were off racing through the field, staying on course and trying to remember exactly which jumps and in which order we had to go.

I loved the thrill, the speed and the excitement of placing first or even second and third. My horse was my best friend and when every I had a hard day at school I would come home and saddle up my horse and ride up into the fields for hours just enjoying the peace and quiet.

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