May 21, 2013

#21 A list of your favourite posts in your archive

Can you believe that it is all ready day 21 in the blog everyday in May challenge. Its been going so fast which reminds me, I can't believe its almost June.

For todays challenge we we're asked to list our favourite posts from our archive.

1) 30 before 30 - I loved putting together this list and I am so excited to slowly tick them off over the next three years.

2) Attack of the crazy magpie - My run in with the local wildlife. Was not a good day for me.

3) Big Crystal Creek - Finding our favourite sanctuary in the national park of Big Crystal Creek.

4) Koala's - My love for the oh so cuddly Koala.

I hope you enjoy these posts if you are a new reader. Especially the magpie one. Jason couldn't stop laughing as I was telling him about this ordeal.

Link up your favourite post in the comments below.

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