May 25, 2013

#25 Something someone once told you that you have never forgotten

Today I am reminiscing about all the things people have told me about myself good or bad that have really stuck with me over the years.

For me it would be the time I went to England to visit family and friends before I was taking off to travel around Europe. I was talking to a friend about how everyone I knew wanted to buy a house, settle down and get married and have babies. At the time it couldn't have been farther from what I wanted. I was frustrated because although I knew that I loved travelling and it was what I wanted to do with my life, I felt left out as I was heading in one direction and all my friend the other.

My friend said "Kayleigh, you have a gypsy soul, I have never met someone who is as adventurous as you are. You are going to lead an exciting life, never dull that is for sure. I am so envious of you for the fact that you are brave enough to do this all by yourself."

She told me this when I needed it the most and I will never forget how those words helped me.

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