May 3, 2013

#3 Things that make me uncomfortable

Day 3. Things that make me uncomfortable. I am sure there are tons of things that make me uncomfortable but as I am writing this post I actually had to turn to Jason and ask him what makes me uncomfortable. I am sure I will think of tons as soon as I publish this post.

What makes me uncomfortable is:

When people get to close to me while talking. Its all about personal space people. Stay out of my bubble that is all I have to say.

People that always go in for a hug when I barely know you. If your family or a long time friend I really don't mind it and have become use to expecting to hug when we met but come on if I have just met you why, why do you want to hug me. Its the most awkward situation in the world.

When people ask me why I don't want children. I know its rare when a women says they don't want children so I guess it is very fascinating to some. But I don't want to accidentally insult anyone that does have kids or say something horrible that causes a fight with someone I really like so I just try to avoid that subject all together.

When people are obviously staring at you. When you walk down the street or are sitting in a coffee shop or on  the bus ect. But when you look up and realize someone is staring at you and they don't look away or try to hide it but just continue to stare. What is that.

When people ask me what my five year plan is. I don't have one. That would be my answer. Yes I have things I would like to do and goals that I want to accomplish but as for an actual step by step plan, well that is non existent.

What makes you uncomfortable?

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