May 2, 2013

Blog everyday for 30 days challenge

I have decided to participate in the 30 day blog challenge that Jenni from Story of My Life is hosting.
I think its a fantastic challenge and will get me back on track with my blogging, which I know I have been slacking on. Now I realize I missed yesterday but to make up for that I will be doing #1 and #2 today.

The story of my life in 250 words or less

I am a girl with a gypsy soul. Loves to wander and explore. Forever dreaming with my head in the clouds. Addicted to coffee. Can't stop watching Sex and the City. Has trouble living in one place to long. Completely comfortable with living a different kind of life. Can sit all day in a coffee shop sipping a fantastic latte and reading all. Dating the love of my life. Fantastic at procrastinating and not so good at organizing. Firmly believes that life is way to short to do something you don't enjoy.

Educate you on something that I know a lot about or are good at

Originally I was going to talk about travelling but since this blog is mainly about travel I thought I would talk about something else I am really good at and very passionate about. I am going to share with you my 5 favourite yoga poses.
Yoga is great for strength training, stress relief and just generally great for overall wellbeing.

Crow Pose
Strengthens the wrist, arms and abdominal

Eagle Pose
Strengthens calves, thighs, hips and shoulders

Back Bend
Stretches entire front of your body. Strengthen your back and improves posture

Half Moon Pose
Strengthens back, chest and arms

Dancers Pose
Strengthens abs and hip flexors

If you feel like joining in on the 30 day challenge head on over to Story of my Life and link up.

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