May 31, 2013

#31 A vivid memory

Day 31 people. We made it. To everyone that participated in the blog everyday in May challenge lets go ahead and give ourselves a big pat on the back. Its an accomplishment to be proud of for sure.
After today who knows what I am going to blog about. I will actually have to get myself organized. A challenge in itself that is. Maybe after having the weekend off. I think we deserve it.

My vivid memory is from my childhood. We were living in England on the army base it those cute little  brick townhouses. We were lucky children, our house backed onto a forest with everything a child with a vivid imagination could ever wish for.

One good thing about living on an army base, all my friends lived right near me if not next door to me. Playing outside was always a given and going on mini adventures into the little patch of woods was usually always on the agenda. One of my favourite memories from that time was playing soldiers and indians in the woods. For some reason all the boys were the soldiers and the girls were the indians.
We would paint our face dark with our moms makeup, braid our hair back the best we could and put feathers in our hair.

Those woods were filled with treasures, adventures and happy memories.

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