July 11, 2013


One of the things we really wanted to do before leaving Australia was visit our lovely friend Leana in Adelaide. Deciding on ten days as the perfect amount of time for a visit plus some sight seeing we quickly set to packing and booking flights.

We booked a 6 am flight of all things which meant we had to be up at 4am to catch a cab to the airport. Looking back it probably wasn't the greatest idea to head down to the local pub to grab a drink one last time with all the friends we had made. The original plan was to have one, maybe two drinks and then be home and in bed by 10 at the latest. Thats not exactly how it went.

Once word got around that this was our last night in Brisbane people insisted on celebrating and buying us drinks. Needless to say we did not make it home before midnight and the sound of the alarm going off came way to fast.

After a rough flight (being hungover while flying is less the ideal) we met up with Leana and headed straight for a little dinner for some much needed coffee and greasy breakfast.

Here are a few pictures from our first day in Adelaide.

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