July 16, 2013

Beach days

The lovely Leana decided that on one of her days off she would take us to a secluded beach that she was curious about and had wanted to check out. It was great to drive through the countryside a bit and get to see more of what the area had to offer.

When we arrived at our destination it didn't look like much when we were standing on the cliff looking down but absolutely no one was there. We couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity to have the whole entire beach to ourselves. Conveniently there was a little fish and chips shop right where we parked so we decided to have lunch on the beach. My favourite meal, fish and chips with a little bit of sand mixed in.

While on a walk along the beach Leana ending up getting a bit stuck in some slimy mud

Talk about a fantastic workout. Run or walk up and down these a few times

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