July 30, 2013

Going away party

Its always bittersweet to say goodbye to friends that you have made while travelling. We were so lucky to get the chance to visit Leana and explore Adelaide for a few days. It was such a peaceful and relaxing trip. In the time that we had we packed in as much suntanning, wine drinking and touring that we could.

Leana decided to invite a few friends and take us to the German Club for our last evening out before we jetted off to America. The guys enjoyed the large pints of beer and I sampled a few different wines.
We reminisced about the first time we all met and how much fun we have had with everyone during our stay in Australia.

As you can see it was a fantastic night. I can't believe our visit went so fast. It was a crazy feeling packing all our stuff to get ready for a very early flight.

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